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12 July 2011

Johnny Depp’s company has made a deal alongside Disney to buy the rights to 1970s TV movie The Night Stalker.

Depp has been showing a penchant recently for old television series with The Lone Ranger in the pipeline and signing on to star in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

If the film version of The Night Stalker makes it onto the big screen, Depp would be taking over Darren McGavin’s role as Carl Kolchak. Kolchak was a dedicated Las Vegas reporter who got mixed up with the supernatural when he tracked down a vampire-killing woman on the Vegas strip during his first adventure.

Although the TV series was short lived, along with the TV movie they were highly influential, influencing future programmes such as The X-Files.

No writers or directors have been confirmed at the moment, but Depp’s company Infinitum Nihil will co-produce the eventual film along with the Disney Corporation.


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