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Diehard, The Fifth Element, Gladiator, Fight Club and Anchorman: 5 Movies Guys Always Stop to Watch When Flipping Channels

28 June 2016

Some movies just attract men. No one can fully explain it—not even men themselves—but whenever certain movies come on as you're flipping through channels, they will always stop to watch them. Here are the top five movies on every man's "turn it back!" list:

Die Hard

This is a classic guy movie. That fact that it is so intrinsically "guy" is even pop culture lore, thanks to several episodes of "Friends" in which the three male characters mention how many times they've seen it. The movie itself is basically one long violence fest of Bruce Willis beating up Alan Rickman in a 40-story building. Of course, all this comes with a price for our plucky hero: He actually feels pain. That's something guys can relate to, and it makes Willis's character seem more real than most movie heroes (remember how Luke Skywalker barely batted an eye when his hand got chopped off in "The Empire Strikes Back"?).



The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis is back again in this one, as are Mila Jovovich and her bare breasts. Most guys watch this whenever they see it on TV, no matter how many times they've seen it in the past. The idea of Bruce Willis in a tank top accompanied by an impossibly attractive woman taking on intergalactic bad guys together is every guy's dream.




Guys love violence, and "Gladiator" is essentially a revenge story in all its violent glory. Guys can totally relate to revenge—after all, how many times have they imagined epic revenge on their ex-wives or enemies at work? This film enables them to vicariously live out those fantasies, and no one goes to jail. It's win-win.



Fight Club

Just like most guys are drawn to Bruce Willis movies, they are also normally repelled by Brad Pitt movies. Pitt is usually seen as a draw for the ladies, and guys don't want to have to compete with that kind of animal magnetism. However, "Fight Club" is different. Yes, Pitt is in it, but it's also an insightful foray into what it means to be a man in the Western world. And, it's violent, making it the perfect movie to want to watch again and again. This movie can be kind of hard to find these days, but it does run occasionally on satellite TV.



Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burdundy

What guy doesn't love "Anchorman"? A comedic look at an era when sexist attitudes were the norm, this is man humor at its best. Men can watch this movie and remember that men were once the rulers of the earth. It is also infinitely quotable, which makes it even better. "Anchorman" gives every guy the chance to hear the things they'd love to say but know they'd never get away with in the real world.



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