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Disney Looks To Matterhorn Ride For New Film

30 June 2011

After the runaway success of the Pirates Of The Caribbean film franchise, and given Hollywood's general lack of imagination these days it was almost inevitable that producers would return to the original source of inspiration that brought us Captain Jack and the swashbuckling adventures of Pirates... theme park rides!

With that comes news that Disney has plans to adapt another rollercoaster ride to see if they can't rustle up the same magic ingredients that spawned the hugely successful and popular Pirates films.

The ride in question this time is, the Matterhorn, a toboggan themed rollercoaster that opened in 1959. The plot so far revolves around a group of kids who discover Yeti's on top of a mountain, with a working title of The Hill.

Whether or not this has the ability to sustain a huge trilogy like Pirates did remains to be seen but then again, Pirates was at one stage nothing more than a kiddy scream and vomit inducing stack of metal and look what they did with that! 

A lot of famous films were originally based on theme park rides as well, Fast And Furious was originally dodgems and Inception was actually based on the teacups ride!