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Divergent babe Shailene Woodley praises realism in The Spectacular Now

26 July 2013

While she'll soon be seen as Tris in Neil Burger's Divergent, Shailene Woodley has opened up about her sex scene in The Spectacular Now, describing it as her favourite.

Speaking on The View, the actress who shot the scene with her co-star Miles Teller praised the work for its realism explaining that she had no issues with filming the scene, despite it being her first "It's my favourite scene in the whole movie because it is so real. The audience does feel uncomfortable watching it, because it almost feels like you're invading somebody's privacy.

There's not fancy music playing and there's not any exaggeration of what it's like to be intimate with somebody for possibly the first time. It's also just a minute-long shot of us making love."

Describing the James Ponsoldt film as "the most authentic coming-of-age movie that we've had in maybe 20 years" Woodley further explained "It's just such a real look at what adolescents are doing today, the way they interact with their parents and they way they interact with each other."

Woodley added that none of the cast wore makeup on the set commenting "There's zits. "It's so real!"

The Spectacular Now opens in the US on August 2 while it awaits details of an international release.

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