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Doc Society Launches New Environmental Podcast Series: ‘MOTHERS OF INVENTION’ hosted by Mary Robinson and Maeve Higgins

24 July 2018

Today Doc Society is delighted to launch its new feminist, climate justice podcast series ‘MOTHERS OF INVENTION’ hosted by ex-President of Ireland, Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins. They introduce us to the superhero women around the world who fight climate change through innovation and are pivotal in pushing the movement forward.

In this new podcast series which runs until 17th September on iTunes, Mary and Maeve will chew over the big issues of climate change, giving us the inside track on the corridors of power and introducing us to amazing women all over the world. They are scientists in Africa, farmers in Asia, politicians in Brussels, and indigenous community leaders in America. You will meet lawyers and activists and more, and learn how they solve climate problems every single day.

The impending climate disaster is frightening, climate denial is infuriating and impacts of climate change on people’s lives are devastating — but that is not the tone or focus. This series focuses on smart, inspiring, determined women who make things happen and use their expertise in a positive way. Our tagline? Climate change is a man made problem, with a feminist solution.

There are five podcast episodes in series one - each with an establishing opening segment then a thematic focus covering: Food, Plastic, Health, Litigation and Divestment. Each episode opens with Maeve and Mary conversing, digging into the theme, and then opening into interviews with that episode’s Mother of Invention.

Contributors include women such as: Tara Houska, Native American rights attorney with Honour the Earth; Dr Yvette Abrahams, South African women’s rights advocate; May Boeve, American co-founder of and Tessa Khan, Australian Bangladeshi climate litigator.



Mary Robinson, President Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice, said “Women are at the heart of the climate justice movement so it is wonderful to celebrate women’s agency through this podcast. I came to climate change not as a scientist or environmental lawyer but as a mother and grandmother who learned from other women that the impacts of climate change are undermining their rights such as to food, water and housing. Witnessing their resilience and drive to overcome challenges is inspiring and I hope motivates more people to take climate action, realizing that no person or country alone can solve the greatest threat to our humanity.”

Maeve Higgins said “I was thrilled and daunted when I first heard about this podcast. Climate change is the biggest challenge the world is facing, and I’ve had my head in the (expanding) sand about it. Plus, Mary Robinson was my hero as a little girl, and I didn’t want to mess up in front of her! But when I learned that we would focus on solutions and the women making them possible, I was too exciting not to be a part of it. It’s been a real trip this past year; I’ve learned so much from so many cool women doing their thing around the world. Climate justice is intersectional and fascinating and hugely important. I have more respect and love for the world now, and by the world I mean the planet we live on, and all of us fragile little human beings too. We laughed a lot making this, which surprises people, but the thing is, despair is lazy, and hope is not just brave and essential, it’s an act of resistance.”

CEO of Doc Society Jess Search said “We jumped on the opportunity to work with Mary and, together with Maeve, find ways introduce her powerful climate justice agenda to new audiences. The Mothers of Invention want to break through climate apathy and inspire listeners to hold their governments accountable to the Paris Agreement. It’s time for change and we believe the stories of these amazing bad ass women fighting climate change in their communities can create a tipping point in the lives of listeners. I know because I’m one and it’s already happened to me!”.

Impact Producer Hazel Falck said “The impact strategies of the podcast series will work to elevate the stories of each Mother featured in every episode, amplifying the vital, inspiring work new people to join the movement. The podcast becomes a vehicle to extend the contributors’ work, connecting them to Mary and to key supporters. Our strategy is to leverage the Mothers’ stories, driving audiences to take action and get behind their causes. The podcast series asks them what their work needs, and we will seed those calls to action with the audience globally.”



To Listen to the Trailer and Subscribe to the ‘Mothers of Invention’ Podcast visit the Official Website and Twitter.

Podcast Dates:
Monday 23rd July
Monday 6th August
Monday 20th August
Monday 3rd September
Monday 17th September

Mary Robinson
The first female President of Ireland and climate justice campaigner is one of the women leading the global climate movement. She is doing everything she can to raise the voices of other determined women, particularly those on the frontlines of climate change in the global south.

Maeve Higgins
A comedy star in her native Ireland, Maeve has performed all over the world. Now living in New York, she co-hosts Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk on National Geographic and has appeared in Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. Her immigration podcast ‘Maeve in America’ launched in 2016. She is an opinion writer for The New York Times and her latest book of essays ‘Maeve in America’ is published this August.

Doc Society is a non-profit founded in 2005, committed to enabling great documentary films and connecting them to audiences globally. Based in London and New York we work with filmmakers and partners all over the world.

We receive major funding from the Ford Foundation and Bertha Foundations and are partnered with the BFI, the BBC and Sundance.

We bring people together to unleash the transformational power of documentary film. We stand in solidarity with filmmakers and work to unite them with new friends and allies, building new models globally. We aim to innovate, share and innovate again.

We are dedicated to the impact of art, and the art of impact. In addition to our film funds, our programmes include Good Pitch, Doc Academy, Impact Field Guide, Doc Impact Awards.

Production Team
Lina Prestwood - Series Producer Audio and television documentary producer whose 17 year career spans developing, producing and commissioning hundreds of documentaries and factual entertainment series at Current TV and Channel 4, executive producing award-winning branded content at VICE and producing the podcast series Fathers and Sons which took Podcast of the Year and Best Branded awards at the British Podcast Awards 2017.

Milly Chowles - Producer Freelance radio reporter and producer who has made features and documentaries for BBC Radio 4, The World Service, BBC 6 Music, Radio 1 and Audible. She’s a regular voice on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and in the last year she has produced and narrated two six-part feature series for the programme; The Fix-Woman and Addiction and Women Leaving Prison.

Samuel Shelton Robinson - Series Editor Multi-skilled audio producer, editor, and sound artist, specialising in sonically rich and creative first-hand storytelling and documentary. He has worked in collaboration with Tate, the Royal Society of Arts, and Resonance 104.4fm, and in San Francisco with revered NPR producers, the Kitchen Sisters, editing and co-producing stories for national radio, web, and theatre.

Laura Hyde, Reannon Licorish and Aisha Younis - Researchers

Executive Producers Jess Search and Beadie Finzi

Impact Producer Hazel Falck

Climate Expert Consultants:
Iris Andrews Former Senior Campaigner and Cultural Strategist at the Purpose Climate Lab. A campaign and communications specialist, Iris previously led Creative Outreach at Greenpeace, working with leaders in the creative industries.

Suzanne Dhaliwal Climate Justice Ninja, Artist, Campaign Strategist & Curator. Director and co-founder of the UK Tar Sands Network.

Katherine Wilkinson Senior Writer at Project Drawdown, her mission is to help humanity see possibility and persevere in making it real—staying the course toward a regenerative future.

Ed King UK Strategic Communications Manager at European Climate Foundation; former Editor, Climate Home News.

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