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Doctor Who – The most anticipated Christmas special

20 December 2014

With less than a week to go until Christmas Day, it has emerged that the Christmas Special for the hit BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who is the most anticipated Christmas Special this festive season!

Doctor Who is the most anticipated show for Christmas 2014 with the majority of Ladbrokes' respondents saying it is the Christmas Special they are most looking forward to (16%)

Although Downton Abbey is the most popular Christmas special amongst female respondents, Doctor Who was their second choice (13%) and it was still the top choice for men (20%) as 1 in 5 said this was the Christmas special they were most excited about.

Interestingly, the 18-24 year olds are those most looking forward to the Doctor Who Christmas special (21%).

Will Clara leave?
It seems people are still up in the air about Jenna Coleman’s exit debate as 70% of respondents said they couldn’t decide if she would leave or not.

However, the vote is tipping towards ‘yes’ though with 16% saying they think Clara will leave and 14% saying they think she will stay.

It seems the men and women are in opposite opinions as the majority of men said they think Clara will stay, as opposed to the majority of women who think she will leave.

Nearly a quarter of 18-24 year olds think Clara will definitely leave the show during the Christmas special but the 35-44 year olds think differently with 19% of them voting no.

The most popular Doctor
A quarter of Doctor Who fans said they would choose David Tennant to return as the Doctor with Tom Baker as the second favourite (11%) and Jon Pertwee as the third (8%)

A massive 32% of female respondents said they would choose David Tennant to return as the doctor.

Doctor Who fans of all ages said they would have David Tennant as the returning doctor. 18-24 year olds said Matt Smith was their second favourite but all other age groups preferred Tom Baker.