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Dogwoof Unveil the Trailer for BAFTA Nominated Director Jennifer Peedom’s MOUNTAIN Narrated by Willem Dafoe

01 November 2017

Ahead of its release this December, The Fan Carpet are delighted to bring you the Trailer for Jennifer Peedom's MOUNTAIN, Narrated by Willem Dafoe, courtesy of Dogwoof!

A unique cinematic and musical collaboration between the Australian Chamber Orchestra and BAFTA-nominated director Jennifer Peedom, MOUNTAIN is a dazzling exploration of our obsession with mountains. Only three centuries ago, climbing a mountain would have been considered close to lunacy. The idea scarcely existed that wild landscapes might hold any sort of attraction. Peaks were places of peril, not beauty. Why, then, are we now draw to mountains in our millions? MOUNTAIN shows us the spellbinding force of high places- and their ongoing power to shape our lives and our dreams.



Collated from more than 2,000 hours of footage, taken under the most extreme circumstances on the most unforgiving mountains, MOUNTAIN is a voyage to the sublime. Richard Tognetti’s classical orchestra, alongside sparse narrations of Robert MacFarlane’s text by Willem Dafoe, emotionally captures both the greatness and terror of mountains. It delves into the psychology of the summit; questioning our allure of vertiginous mountains. More than merely a physical challenge, at height we are pushed to our limit. Casting a spell on the audience with Richard’s harmonies, mountains are presented as magical places that inspire wonder; places where dreams and ambitions are discovered.



MOUNTAIN will be released across the UK & Ireland on 15th December by Dogwoof

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