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Dominic West and Idris Elba set to feature in Andrew Stanton’s Finding Dory

13 September 2014

Sought after British acting juggernaut Idris Elba who is known for BBC's Luther, Pacific Rim and Marvel's Thor franchise will reunite with his The Wire co star Dominic West for Pixar's forthcoming sequel Finding Dory.

Speaking to the Shortlist, West said "I saw Idris recently, we're both in the sequel to Finding Nemo, so we were recording that.

I'm in pretty regular contact with a lot of guys from The Wire - a lot of them are godparents to my kids, so I love them dearly."

Directed by Andrew Stanton, Finding Dory is set for release on July 29 and will feature the returning voices of Albert Brooks, Willem Dafoe and Ellen DeGeneres as the titular Dory and new voices Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy and Ty Burrell.

Elba is also lending his voice to the villainous tiger Shere Khan in Jon Favreau's live action Jungle Book for Disney.

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