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Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead – In Cinemas Friday – From Miles Davis to Iggy Pop – Craziest Musician Stories

21 April 2016

All Rolling Stone reporter Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor) wants is an exclusive interview with the jazz legend himself, Miles Davis (Don Cheadle). What he gets instead is a wild and dangerous ride-along with a recording artist living at his edge, rife with shootouts, car-chases, and a tale of lost love to the singer Frances (Emayatzy Corinealdi).

Inspired by events in Miles Davis’s life, Academy Award® Nominee Don Cheadle boldly brings his vision, both in-front-of and behind-the-camera in MILES AHEAD, his directorial debut. A wildly entertaining, impressionistic, no-holds-barred portrait of one of twentieth-century music’s creative geniuses.

Artists and musicians often lead abnormal lives, and generally have great anecdotes to tell. To celebrate the release of Miles Ahead (In Cinemas April 22nd), we take a look at some of the wildest and most memorable stories about some of your favourite musicians, starting with the man himself…




Miles Davis crashing a gig
A notorious story circulating about the jazz legend is that in 1954, while in Detroit, he stumbled into famed jazz club Baker's Keyboard Lounge on a rainy night, soaking wet and carrying his trumpet in a paper bag under his coat. Allegedly interrupting Max Roach and Clifford Brown mid set, he played "My Funny Valentine” before stumbling back into the rainy night.

Davis disputed this version of the events in his autobiography so we’ll never know for sure what truly happened that night, but one thing is for certain, Miles Davis’ life was an eventful one.




Keith Richards falling out of a tree
Yup, that’s right; in 2006 Keith Richards fell out of a tree while on holiday in Fiji. A tree. Of all the drug induced, crazy Rolling Stones stories out there let’s let this one sink in. The incident caused a delay in the band’s concert tour, but thankfully the rock and roll legend made a full recovery.

This is by no stretch of the imagination the strangest thing to happen to Richards. When asked a year after his injury what the oddest thing he’s ever done is, he responded that he once snorted his father’s ashes alongside some cocaine. It’s worth noting though, that his manager responded to the controversy by stating this was a joke.




Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat
This incident is as crazy as it is disgusting. In 1982 during a concert Ozzy bit the head off a bat. A live bat. Of the incident years later he said "For a start, my mouth was instantly full of this warm, gloopy liquid, with the worst aftertaste you could ever imagine. I could feel it staining my teeth and running down my chin. Then the head in my mouth twitched."

This wasn’t the first time Ozzy ingested a live creature, biting the head off a dove just a year before and even snorting a line of ants in 1984.




Michael Jackson dangling his son out of a window
We’ve all seen the photo, and possibly remember when it happened. In 2002 the prince of pop dangled his 9 month old baby boy over a balcony in Berlin.

Why, you may ask? That’s a good question. The world was horrified, and what went through his mind that day still remains a mystery. Possibly he wanted to connect with his fans looking up at him from below. Or maybe he thought it would be funny. Regardless, Jackson’s actions left quite a mark.




Axl Rose purchased a plane ticket for a stuffed animal
Of all the romantic gestures, this one is a bit of a puzzle. In 1991 Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose purchased a stuffed elephant for his then girlfriend Stephanie Seymour’s birthday. He then bought the toy its own seat on a Concorde flight, at a reported cost of around $10,000. It must have been quite a stuffed elephant!




Johnny Cash set his truck on fire and caused a forest fire
For any fan of Johnny Cash or for anyone who has seen the 2005 biopic Walk the Line, his eventful life shouldn’t come as a surprise. But what may be news to more of you is the fact that during a fishing trip in 1965 his camper caught fire and burned down hundreds of acres of the Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County, California. This also resulted in the near extinction of 49 of the forest’s 53 endangered California condors.

Cash didn’t exactly help the matter, after the fact he made statements such as "I don't care about your damn yellow buzzards.” Burn.




Iggy Pop challenges a gang
One of the most controversial and ground breaking figures in music history, Iggy Pop has pushed boundaries of almost any kind. The last concert The Stooges performed in 1974 before breaking up for 30 years was an eventful one, thanks to Iggy challenging The Scorpions, a motorbike gang, to a fight. And fight they did, during the concert they threw glass, eggs, urine, beer and even shovels at the band onstage. Of course he continued to insult and yell at the bikers throughout the show.

The concert finally ended when he jumped off stage and into the crowd at the request of a biker, who then proceeded to beat him up. What remains of this eventful night is the live recording of the entire concert that was subsequently released as an album, called Metallic K.O.




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