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Dream House sweetheart Rachel Weisz struggled with Authority

22 November 2011

Oscar winning British actress Rachel Weisz known for The Mummy series, Enemy at the Gates, Runaway Jury, Confidence and The Lovely Bones has revealed that she was expelled from school as a teenager for disturbing her class too often.

The Deep Blue Sea sweetheart confessed that she struggled with authority and found it hard to cope at her first all-girls school telling Stella magazine "I was asked to leave London Collegiate, but my mum doesn't like me to say I was expelled. I didn't try to burn down the school or anything like that; it was just anti-authority issues.

I didn't think the teachers had the right to tell me what to do. I would just disobey, talk in the classroom, to put it mildly.

I was very nearly asked to leave that school, too, for ongoing disobedience - the French teacher refused to teach me - but Miss Gough, who later became headmistress, completely inspired me. She saw through me and she scared me and I guess none of the other teachers did that."

Weisz who is married to 007 himself Daniel Craig stars in Dream House with her off screen hubby and Naomi Watts when it opens on Friday and is filming Oz: The Great and Powerful for director Sam Raimi.

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