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DYSTOPIA – new Sci Fi TV show – Coming in 2016

06 July 2015

Runaway Features, Red Rock Entertainment and Michael Copon Studios have commenced principal photography on 10 part series "DYSTOPIA" directed by Paul Tanter.

The gritty post apocalyptic thriller sees our future facing an infertility virus, meaning not a single child has been born in 25 years. Two scientists (Copon and Phillips), stumble upon time travel and the opportunity to change their fate, but all is not certain as changes they make in the past have unforeseen life threatening consequences in their future.

Director Paul Tanter said "I'm delighted to be working on a TV show with time travel as the core subject matter - it's a way to play god narratively and explore the possibility of cause and effect fully. The character driven ensemble have got some great plot twists in our first season, as we tackle the theme of "do the ends justify the means".



The series stars Michael Copon (One Tree Hill, Power Rangers), Simon Phillips (White Collar Hooligan), Sheena Colette (House of Bodies), Eve Mauro (Ozombie) with support from Leo Goodman, Peter Woodward, Al Sapienza, Jason Faunt, Leslie Lopez and Michael Madsen (Hateful Eight, Reservoir Dogs). It's expected to hit our screens early 2016.

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