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Emily Browning had a panic attack when she read Sleeping Beauty script

21 October 2011

Sucker Punch heroine Emily Browning has revealed she had a panic attack when she first read the script for the critically acclaimed Sleeping Beauty.

The gorgeous Australian rising star who takes the lead role of Lucy a student drawn into a hidden world of debauchery, says she was left feeling very uncomfortable when she was first approached about it.

She said "Even reading the script made me uncomfortable. I read the first scene and had a panic attack - I had to leave it for an hour to catch my breath."

However she says that it wasn't the scenes of prostitution which unsettled her, but those where her character underwent medical research and had a probe pushed down her throat adding "Nudity doesn't bother me. Mainstream media and society seem so frightened by sex, but it's not really that scary.

I'm really squeamish and I did say, 'If this tube has to be in my chest I might faint.'"

While her character consents to "non-penetrative" sex with others while drugged into a stupor, Emily doesn't believe her alter ego was exploited explaining "Obviously, the fact she's asleep means she's objectified to some degree, but she is completely willing to submit control to others and see what happens.

I don't think it's a healthy attitude for someone to have, but the film isn't portraying a character who's going to be a role model for young girls. It's about the choices we make as humans, and the battle to find control while living in a society that wants to objectify you and commodify you."

Browning will soon be gearing up to star in Sebastián Silva's upcoming thriller Magic, Magic with Juno Temple and Michael Cera.

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