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Eminem Set For Return To Cinema

21 December 2010

Rapper-turned-actor Marshall Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem, is apparently set to return to our screens for the first time in almost a decade, in the film Southpaw.

Eminem made his film debut in 2002 in the critically acclaimed 8 Mile, a biopic of the rappers early-career. Reports now suggest that the Detroit-born musician is set to star in a film called Southpaw, the story of a struggling boxer who suffers a tragedy, ultimately affecting his sporting career.

The film, written by Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) has been specifically written for Eminem, as the lead role is supposedly going to incorporate Eminem's life and distressful past experiences into the part, making it the perfect role for the rapper to take on.

It will signal the return to film of one of the most successful musicians of recent years, who has recently released the number one album ‘Recovery'. Eminem had spent a few years away from show business and suffered some anguish in his personal life, yet with new top-selling albums and now a new film set to be made, it looks as though he is making a quite triumphant return in both music and cinema.

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