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Emma Stone talks expectations and getting to know Viola Davis for The Help

08 August 2011

Rising star Emma Stone who made a name for herself in comedies including Superbad and Zombieland and went on to take centre stage in Scarlett Letter update Easy A recently spoke to Collider about the expectations surrounding her latest role of Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-man.

“We’ll have to see, it’s that expectation thing. I always struggle with expecting anything, so I don’t know what people are expecting from Spider-Man! It’s like that with The Help, too, when you’re part of a movie that has a fan base already built in and it feels like everyone has already read the script!”

“Usually, only you know the story as the actor, but in this case everyone has read the book or everyone has read the comics, and they come in with these expectations. You just hope that they’ll be happy with the way the story was told and the way it was translated for the screen.”

Her next film; The Help comes to UK screens on October 28, and with its release Stateside this week it has already garnered rave reviews with particular focus on Stone's chemistry with Viola Davis “I think we were pretty lucky because, for the most part, we were relatively chronological in shooting, our characters Skeeter and Aibileen don’t really know each other very well, at the beginning. They slowly get to know each other better and better, which was our experience as well, throughout the movie.”

“It was relatively chronological, so it wasn’t that we felt the need to develop this deep, long-lasting friendship chemistry from the very beginning.”

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