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Epic dark fantasy film Serurta gets a brand new teaser trailer

29 November 2015

From Writer/Producer/Director team Steven Lyons and Merlyn Roberts comes the first official trailer for their feature film Serurta (Sunbirth).

Serurta (pronounced se-roo-ta) is an independent British film exploring the vast cultural heritage and mythology of the British Isles. The film is being Directed, shot and edited by Steven Lyons and Merlyn Roberts is Producing and starring. Serurta is currently beginning its second cycle of production after the successful completion of the first half of the film. This trailer is being released as part of a drive for completion funds.

Serurta has an amazing team of first time and experienced actors and highly passionate talented make up artists, prop builders musicians, visual FX and conceptual artists. With everyone working extremely hard, to help bring this original story by Merlyn and Steven to life.




Producer Merlyn Roberts said "So far it has been a challenging, but rewarding project to work on. Ninety percent of the film has been shot on location in forests or by the sea and the elements have both been cruel and kind to us".

An epic quest for survival in the wilderness of ancient Britain. Time is running out and Ontahil must travel to the isle of the dead, become a warrior and win the favour of the gods. Only then will he be able to lead his people in the fight against the greatest enemy his people have ever faced.




From director producer team Steven Lyons and Merlyn Roberts (Wyldewood Productions) comes Serurta (Sunbirth), an epic journey into the depths of ancient Britain, 700 years before the Roman conquest. The Friac, one of the ancient tribes of Britain are being driven from their land by the furious onslaught of the Celts, horse warriors arriving from the continent with weapons of iron and a thirst for conquest.

The last hope of his tribe Ontahil, is no hero nor warrior nevertheless he must face Serurta the greatest initiation of all. Ontahil travels to the desolate mist-enshrouded island of the dead. Stalked by the Terai, hunters with a taste for human flesh, he must find the immortal Shaman Kalaree, receive the blessing of the earth mother and begin his perilous descent into the underworld.

A tale of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and mankind’s place in it all.




Top Billed Cast
Merlyn Roberts (Seize the Night, Island of the Blind Dead, The Wishing Well)
Carey Thring (From Hell, Seize the Night)
Josh Lawton
Dawn Holdbrook (Every Time I See You I Go Wild) 
Julia Cornish
Will Lord

Notable Crew
Steven Lyons - Writer/Director/Editor/Camera
Merlyn Roberts - Writer/Producer/AD/Art Direction
Max Phillips - Score/Sound design/Mixing
Olivia Whitaker - MU FX/Props
Lawrence Brightman - Production Assistant/Logistics
James McIvor - VFX
Fernando Amador - Conceptual Artist


SERURTA | Official Trailer 1 [HD] (2015) from Wyldewood Productions on Vimeo.


Will Lord who plays the leader of the Terai tribe is a full time caveman/experimental archaeologist, and Britain's foremost flint knapper.

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