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Episode 54 of The Deleted Scene Podcast: Kristian, Caley, Meli and Matt Talk Murder on the Orient Express & the Detective Genre

09 November 2017

This week on The Deleted Scene Podcast, Kristian, Caley, Meli and Matt review Kenneth Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express and talk about the genre of the murder mystery and detective stories.

Our new podcast A Game of Fate can be found here.

00.00.57 - Intro
00.13.28 - Red Head Movie News
00.58.24 - What Have We Been Watching
01.16.26 - REVIEW: Murder on the Orient Express (spoiler free)
01.32.43 - SPOILER REVIEW: Murder on the Orient Express
01.47.08 - The Detective Genre
02.15.01 - Outro

Murder on the Orient Express Film Page


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