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Ethan Hawke says he knew Getaway would be fun

01 September 2013

Getaway is out now in the States, and while it doesn't have a UK release date yet, Ethan Hawke who plays Brent Magna in the Courtney Solomon directed film has said he signed on for the film because he knew it would be "fun".

Getaway sees Hawke's character partner with a street-smart young girl played by Selena Gomez, called The Kid in order to save his wife from criminals and speaking to Collider, Hawke revealed "Part of the reason to do this movie was it seemed like it would be fun, I secretly love cars and I wanted an excuse to do a movie that was… it's extremely simple.

There was something that appealed to me about sitting in one car, it's so simple. Basically, for the whole movie, it's one car chase. I'm in this seat and I drive around."

Recalling his stunt driving training, Hawke added "I went out to this mid-Ohio racetrack and I went out there to get taught a little bit about how to maybe do some of these stunts, I've always fantasised about doing the thing you see in movies where you floor it in reverse and then slam on the brakes and spin around, there's got to be a name for it, but it's incredibly fun to do that stuff.

In truth, it always ends up being a lot more work and it always ends up being a lot more tedious than you want it to be, but the fun was part of the reason to do the film."

Hawke currently has Michael and Peter Spierig's Predestination, Michael Almereyda's Cymbeline and Richard Linklater's Boyhood in various stages of production.

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