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Evan Rachel Wood felt a connection with The Ides of March character Molly

11 October 2011

With the release of The Ides of March just a couple of weeks away, screen beauty Evan Rachel Wood has revealed her experience working with Hollywood icon George Clooney.

Talking to Reuters, the True Blood hottie revealed that Clooney helped The Ides of March cast better understand their characters during the film's production saying "It was my first time working with George, and he's just what you'd expect - or better, really. He's very easy going, easy to work with, and all about making a great film but also making it a great experience. He really takes care of everyone."

The young actress who also starred in The Wrestler and Thirteen also explained her connection with her character of Molly adding "We're very similar. I grew up in a very male-dominated world too. I always feel like one of the guys and very un-intimidated too,

George and I discussed her a lot, and we wanted to show that she was in control of all her decisions. She wasn't manipulated, and I think she's one of the only honest characters in the whole movie.

Everyone else is basically a liar, or out for themselves, and she's the one who ends up getting punished for her honesty. It's very sad."

The Ides of March comes to UK cinemas on October 28 and features an all star cast of Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Max Minghella and Jennifer Ehle.

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