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Evan Rachel Wood has desires to step behind the camera

21 October 2011

It appears that Ides of March director George Clooney isn’t the only star of the upcoming feature who wants to further his directing career, as co-star Evan Rachel Wood also spoke of her desire to one day start working from the other side of the camera.

Speaking at the press conference for the excellent political drama at the BFI London Film Festival, also featuring stars of the feature Clooney as well as Phillip Seymour Hoffman – the 24-year-old actress said; “I don’t know if I’m there yet but I love storytelling, I mean, I have visions of things I’d like to do, and everyone keeps telling me that that’s what I should be doing” she said.

“But we’ll see – but there does need to be more female directors so maybe I’ll step up.”

Clooney, on the other hand, has once again reaffirmed his love for directing, claiming he wants to start doing even more of it from here on.

“You want to be able to continue to be creative within this industry, and it is an incredibly creative process,” he continued.

“Acting is one element in a film, directing is using all elements, like sound, music, camerawork, and putting it all together and its really creative and fun and exciting. When you fail it’s incredibly upsetting, much more upsetting than when your actor and you fail. And when you succeed it’s incredibly exciting. I like the risk involved and I want to keep doing that.”

Also on the subject of directing, Clooney spoke of his delight to finally be making a film taking place in a contemporary setting, having directed a series of period dramas in the past.

“It was nicer, and easier. I don’t have to worry about an aeroplane flying through the scene or anything modern coming through. It made prepping the shoot much easier to do; I’m going to do more of those because the period pieces are a pain in the butt to do,” said Clooney.

Meanwhile, Wood, a star of television series True Blood - admitted to preferring playing the role of a vampire, as opposed to that of Molly, the work experience girl she plays in Ides of March.

“I feel more comfortable being a vampire. Because it’s nothing like me, it’s not close to me, it’s supernatural,” she continued.

“It’s when you have to get close to yourself and close to real emotions and real pain – that’s when it becomes more difficult. I’m more fun with fangs.”

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