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Evangeline Lilly joins Real Steel

12 May 2010

'Lost' stunner Evangeline Lilly is set to join Anthony Mackie in the upcoming Shawn Levy directed action film 'Real Steel'.

The film stars Hugh Jackman as a fight promoter who backs a robot boxer in the ring, Evangeline has signed to play Jackman's friend, while Anthony is set to play another fight promoter.

The film follows Hugh Jackman’s former boxer, who lives in a near-future world where human sport combat has long been considered too dull, with robots built to fight in various leagues instead. Jackman will have to contend with training a new ‘bot and connecting with his long-lost son (Dakota Goyo).

'Real Steel' is being produced at DreamWorks, with Robert Zemeckis and the legendary Steven Spielberg are serving as executive producers.

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