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Keeping the Franchise Fires Burning: Everything We Know About Steven Spielberg’s Whip-Cracking Action/ Adventure Flick Indiana Jones 5

29 April 2019

Despite the strange ending to the series' fourth instalment, Indiana Jones fans continue to wait with bated breath for the fifth film in the franchise. But development issues continue to push the project back, with the expected release date currently being July 9 2021. The 13-year break since The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has given fans the opportunity to miss the archaeologist and to forget the break from reality that the instalment received. The timeframe of the film means that it never has to be dated – the first outing is set in 1936, while the fourth is set in 1957.



What Do We Know About Indy 5?
Both creator George Lucas and star Harrison Ford have been vocal about keeping the franchise fires burning. While George Lucas is giving his full attention to Star Wars, Steven Spielberg is on hand to direct and Ford, who will be 77 years old in a few months' time, is playing Indiana Jones. Sean Connery was only 59 when he played Indy’s father in The Last Crusade. Crystal Skull’s David Koepp was tagged to write the film, while Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer and son of the writer of Raiders, has been brought in to do some rewrites. Disney has stated that script issues were delaying the film, which was originally due for release in 2020. A 2021 release means that they can capitalise on the 40-year anniversary of the original film being released.

John Rhys-Davies, who played Sallah, is also eager to reprise his role after turning down a cameo-only role in Crystal Skull. Marion Ravenwood actress Karen Allen and her son with Indy played by Shia LaBeouf have reportedly not been asked back, while Jim Broadbent, Indy’s boss, is eager to return as well.



Why Do We Love this Franchise So Much?
On paper, a series of action films about an archaeologist in the past doesn’t seem like the most thrilling cinematic experience. So what is the appeal of the Indiana Jones franchise?

Firstly, Indy travels to places that we would never dream of going. He doesn’t just travel to exotic locales, but ones that feature hidden treasures and dangerous action. Secondly, the mysteries of tombs and anything related to ancient civilisations have long been a huge pull for many people. In 2018 we found an unopened tomb and proceeded to open it, while other films and gaming series, most notably Lara Croft and The Mummy, have taken the same themes and run with them. This isn’t exclusive to franchise gaming, though. Casual title Temple Run literally mimics a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, while the Cleopatra online slot on Magical Vegas shows that we are interested in interacting with ancient times in almost all aspects of gaming, including online casino slots. The major appeal of Indiana Jones is that we could never imagine being Indiana Jones.



Given that the fifth film will be released 40 years after the first, the longevity of the franchise speaks for itself. Those who watched Indiana Jones in their youth will have been able to teach their children about the franchise in 2008, and now perhaps their grandchildren when the newest release is out. Staggering releases of franchises means that audiences are ready and eager, and a new crop of fans is always out there.


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