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Eye In The Sky on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital August 15 – See If You Can Spot The Hidden Camera… Stealthiest Camera Gadgets

10 August 2016

Gavin Hood’s Eye in the Sky, released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download from 15th August, is a film that will excite and captivate the imagination of any person that has a slight passion for drones or robotics.

Starring Helen Mirren as Colonel Katherine Powell, Aaron Paul as drone pilot Steve Watts and the late Alan Rickman as Lieutenant General Frank Benson, Gavin Hood’s Eye in the Sky is one of the most tense and thought-provoking action thrillers of the year.

Inspired by the scene in the film in which we see undercover field agent Jama Farah (Barkhad Abdi from Captain Phillips) uncover a potential planned terror threat through the use of a ‘hummingbird nano UAV’, we take a look at some of the most cool, innovative undercover cameras out on the market, as well as droids that are used both in everyday life and for military purposes.

No Ordinary Household Appliances... See If You Can Spot The Hidden Camera...


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Black Hornet Nano
Measuring 10cm/2.5cm the Black Hornet Nano is a micro vehicle that is currently used by both the British and Norwegian army. The gadget has three operational cameras located at the front, bottom and rear and is mainly used to gain surveillance and intelligence in possible critical operations. The Black Hornet Nano can reach speeds of up to ten mitres per second and also has UAV capacities. 




The word ‘selfie’ was officially awarded Oxford dictionaries best word of 2013 – but this droid takes the prospect of taking one to the next level. Initially worn around your wrist, ‘Nixie’ (a droid still currently in development) can be unfolded and used as an airborne droid – enabling you to take action-shot selfies like never before. Nixie takes photos HD ready, and can be synced to your smart phone.




Boeing X-45
The Boeing X-45 is an aircraft manufactured by the Boeing Integrated Defense Systems and is an unmanned aircraft developed for combat airstrikes. The drone aircraft can carry 2,000lb bombs or other weaponry features and can reach speeds of 571MPH at an altitude of up to 40,000 ft.



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EYE IN THE SKY is available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download on the 15th August 2016, courtesy of Entertainment One

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