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From The Hollywood Sign to The Statue of Liberty to The Millennium Bridge: Famous Landmarks Destroyed by Movie Monsters

30 September 2019

It's a well known fact that Hollywood LOVES to destroy famous places and landmarks. Whether that's through natural disaster, aliens or supervillans... you name it, they've probably destroyed something.

Some iconic landmarks seem to be prone to movie destruction, how many times has the Statue of Liberty been destroyed? Who knows!

And in true Hollywood style, visiting landmarks and locations from TV and film as a tourist is a pretty big deal. So Vibrant Doors got to thinking and put together a series of six lovely vintage-style travel posters "advertising" some of these devastated destinations… Would you be up for a visit?

The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles - Terminator Salvation (2009)

Destroyed by: Skynet

How many times has the Hollywood sign been destroyed over the years? The tinseltown icon seems to be a prime target and the destruction of the sign by Skynet in their quest for a nuclear holocaust in Terminator: Salvation is just one of a long list of film moments that saw the demise of the famous sign.



The Statue of Liberty, New York - Cloverfield (2008)

Destroyed by: Clover (monster)

Possibly one of the most well known icons of the New York skyline, the Statue of Liberty has been “destroyed” in countless movies over the years. In Cloverfield we see the head of Lady Liberty torn from her shoulders and hurled into the crowds of hysterical people. Nice.



The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco - Pacific Rim (2013)

Destroyed by: The Kaiju (sea monsters)
California definitely seems to get the brunt of the devastation when it comes to movie monsters. This time, the Golden Gate Bridge fell victim to the Kaiju right at the beginning of Pacific Rim, setting the tone for the rest of the film. The iconic bridge has been a target for destruction in no less than 9 movies in the last ten years alone!



Potter School House, Bodega Bay - The Birds (1963)

Destroyed by: Lots and lots of birds
Possibly one of the more creepy films on our list. The Birds became and still remains the stuff of nightmares for movie fans the world over. In California again (we’re starting to think there might be something in the water there), the quiet seaside town of Bodega Bay is nothing special… until the local residents are driven out by murderous birds that are only intent on causing maximum destruction. No explanation is ever given as to why either… *shudders*



The Millennium Bridge, London - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Destroyed by: Death Eaters
As their names might suggest, Death Eaters are anything but cute and cuddly. The 6th film in the Harry Potter series, the ghostly figures attack the Millennium Bridge and send it plummeting into the Thames along with several muggles, killing them dead. Interestingly, the scene was set in 1996, but in reality the bridge hadn’t been built by then… oops!



The Taj Mahal, Agra - Mars Attacks (1996)

Destroyed by: Martians
Possibly one of India’s most iconic landmarks, the Taj Mahal hasn’t seen much destruction in movies, however it didn’t manage to evade the worldwide martian attack in this Tim Burton comedy. Unlike the other movies on the list, the destruction is lighthearted and the martians even stop to take a selfie with their handywork!


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