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Fans rejoice as Fox Entertainment renew Bruno Heller’s Gotham for Season 3

17 March 2016

Ahead of the release of DC’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice comes word that Fox have renewed Gotham for season 3!

Fox’s much loved and hard hitting take on DC’s Batman universe gets renewed for a third season as Fans all over Twitter and Facebook rejoicing it’s return. With the first season ending in a climatic Mexican stand-off of sorts between well beloved heroes and villains of Gotham, and season 2 shining a light on Bruce’s gloomy path to becoming the Bat; we can only wait with baited breath and what new engrossing tales will be told.

Despite taking a very recent fall in popularity according to IMDb and other sources, the team at Fox Entertainment headed by creator Bruno Heller will continue to engross us. With new dark and down to earth takes on Batman villains in season 3 and new confirmed rumours of a female joker possibly popping up. This is bound to really bring fans some well-deserved fan service and a brand new look into the world that shaped their much beloved dark knight.




Bruno Heller in an interview with on breaking expectations with new takes on characters such as the joker “100% possible. One of the central themes of the DC world is transformation and revelation. Absolutely, those kinds of – I wouldn’t want to call it playing with people’s expectations or gender expectations. [sic] it is incumbent on us, when we’re telling such a rich, and psychedelic and surreal and infinitely expandable story, it’s both one of the joys of it and one of the scary things about it: you can plausibly go anywhere with this story. So nothing is too strange or too bizarre or too shocking for us to consider.”

With a specific release date yet to be explicitly announced, we will probably be in for it this September after season 2’s last known episode to air on March 28th. David Madden, Fox Entertainment’s president praised the show and the team for its masterful and honourable depiction of Gotham’s gothic crime thriller mythology. Acknowledging not only it’s accuracy to the source material but its enhancement of the depth and emotion of the stories it brings to life.



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