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Father’s Day Quiz – Which ‘TV’ Dad is most like yours?

05 June 2015

With Father’s Day coming up on 21 June, why not treat your dad to some of HBO Home Entertainment’s groundbreaking television series.

Boardwalk Empire will be available as a complete series box set, along with The Wire: Complete Series on Blu-ray for the first time ever.

You can also get your hands on the recent critically acclaimed masterpieces Game of Thrones: Season 4 and True Detective, as well as other timeless classics such as Entourage: The Complete Series, The Sopranos: Complete Series, Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

With so many great on-screen ‘father’ characters in recent TV, why not take the test to see which TV dad is most like yours!



What would people think of your father as a first impression? 
A: Loud
B: Shy 
C: Embarrassing 
D: Down with the kids
E: Stern-faced 
F: Witty


If your dad was rolling in the cash, what car would he drive?
A: 1999 Chevrolet Suburban LT 4x4
B: RV Campervan
C: Would catch the bus
D: Bugatti
E: Horseback
F: Family people carrier



If your dad lived a double life, what would his secret life be?
A: A Mafia boss
B: Drug dealer
C: A secret beer brewer
D: Celebrity agent
E: A ruler of a kingdom
F: A Superhero



If your dad had a secret stash of something in the house, what would it be?
A: A dismembered body in the cellar freezer
B: Cash under the floorboards
C: Case of beer in the garden shed
D: His assistant locked in a cupboard
E: A chest of ancient treasure in the loft
F: Tickets for the whole family to Disneyland



Which of these sentences describe your dad the best?
A: A real loving family man, but if you double cross him…it could be game over!
B: Quiet and gentle at home, but not one to mess with outside
C: Heart of gold but very embarrassing. Oblivious to the fact he always says the ‘wrong’ thing
D: Real successful business man who leaves his work at work and switches it off for family time
E: A great ruler of the home, wise and always full of good advice
F: Wouldn’t hurt a fly, devotes all his time to his family

What would be your dad’s first choice of holiday?
A: The mountains of Napoli for some fine wine and pasta
B: A road trip through Mexico, taking in many of the glorious stop off points
C: A camping holiday to a family resort park
D: A trip to Vegas for a weekend of high-rolling and silliness
E: A quaint castle hidden in the countryside
F: Staying in a log cabin and soaking up the breathtaking views of a national park


What s your dad’s food and tipple?
A: Spaghetti,meatballs and red wine
B: Scotch and a cigarette
C: Fried chicken and lots of lager
D: Champagne and Sushi
E: Hog roast and ale
F: Burger and a beer



Where would your dad most like to live?
A: In a mansion surrounded by electric fences
B: In a bungalow in the suburbs
C: In a normal house on a residential street
D: In a big luxurious house in Hollywood
E: In a castle
F: City apartment



What did you score? 
(See below to see which letter you got mostly and which TV dad is more like yours)

A) Tony Soprano The Sopranos
B) Walter White Breaking Bad
C) Peter Griffin Family Guy
D) Ari Gold Entourage
E) Ned Stark Game of Thrones
F) Michael Bluth Arrested Development

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