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.Film Launches as Explosion of 8 Million New Domain Names is Revealed – Septembers of Shiraz and February first .film domains

06 October 2015

SEPTEMBERS OF SHIRAZ Starring Salma Hayek and FEBRUARY Starring Emma Roberts Take First .film Websites

.film today becomes the latest website extension, or generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), to launch following ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) introduction of new TLDs in 2013. Since then, the internet has exploded with new web extensions, resulting in eight million new TLD website registrations today, and there is no sign of it slowing down.

With 753 generic, geographical, industry and brand specific web extensions now available, consumers, content creators, and businesses are being offered an unparalleled amount of choice, innovation, customization, and ownership of the World Wide Web. Ultimately, this is changing the way people find information on the internet and how businesses plan and structure their online presence.

.film, being the newest web extension to launch, is aiming to reinvent the film industry’s approach to online activity with a business model which protects the authenticity of the film business. A specialist domain such as .film, brings consistency across film projects while enhancing consumer confidence by eliminating the blight of cyber-squatting and opportunistic, unofficial third-party sites. It will connect consumers directly across the globe to authoritative content, and at the same time lower industry marketing spend, while maximising profits for filmmakers everywhere. Ultimately, with improved visibility and search ranking, and direct translation into many languages, .film works to improve the consumer experience as well as drive revenue.




The first film titles debuting with .film include Osgood Perkins’ FEBRUARY starring Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka and Lucy Boynton; and Wayne Blair’s SEPTEMBERS OF SHIRAZ starring Salma Hayek and Adrien Brody.

Jeffrey Greenstein, Head of International Sales and Distribution for Nu Image, said: “Having an industry specific domain name for our films does have an inherent value and we're pleased to be amongst the first to utilize the .film domain for Septembers of Shiraz.”

Mark Batey, Film Distributors Association added: “Film companies have long been on the receiving end of cyber-squatting with many natural-fitting domain names being unavailable for upcoming releases. Simon and Patrick have taken the time to listen and respond carefully to the industry, and we greatly welcome the expanded choices and flexibility that .film will bring. We wish .film every success.”

“.film was the subject of a fierce bidding war between a number of major industry players — so clearly there is a need for the domain. We developed .film in consultation with the film industry because we wanted to design it to safeguard the industry — the gTLD has already seen a number of early adopters, with the likes of Nu Image / Millennium Films, Paris Film, Inc., Highland Film Group, Big Talk Productions, and Film Distributors’ Association all reserving domain names.” advised Simon Delzoppo, MPDR and .film Chief Executive Officer.




Numerous major brands including Barclays and BMW have all invested in their own TLD (“.barclays” and “.bmw”). Industries such as film, luxury brands, technology and leading global cities, such as “.london”, have all followed suit, with extensions like “.club” accumulating over 288,000 website registrations since launching in 2014. Google alone has secured 19 TLDs to date, including “.app” for which it paid US$25m – the most expensive TLD thus far from an ICANN auction.

Securing the right to own and operate a TLD involves both significant commitment and financial outlay, as new registry operators are in effect assuming responsibility for a fundamental piece of the Internet’s infrastructure. ICANN – a not for profit organisation – oversaw the implementation of the new gTLD program, which set application fees at US$185,000. In some circumstances, there where multiple applications for the same TLD that were judged to be of equal merit. To resolve such instances, applicants were given the choice of entering into a voluntary auction, which saw some bidders pay up to US$25 million.

“The New gTLD Program will bring a seismic shift to the Web. By expanding from 22 generic Top-Level Domains (TLDs), or the letters after the dot, to hundreds, we will begin to see an increase in competition, innovation and choice for businesses, communities and individual Internet users. The additional new domains will also enable businesses of all types to stand out from the crowd. In addition to making it easier for businesses to get more meaningful web addresses, these new domains can also be used to increase visibility, deepen brand recognition and build trust amongst customers.” said ICANN spokesperson, Andrew Robertson.

Evolving at enormous speed, the internet now boasts 3.2 billion users around the world, 2 billion of which live in developing countries, and its developments such as releasing TLDs that aim to find the next billion users. Since the birth of the internet 30 years ago, the original web extension - .com - has built up 121 million registered domains, but in just under two years alone, new TLDs equate to 6.5% of .com. Based on the current numbers, in 10 years’ time it could be expected that there will be up to 40 million new TLD websites. With general knowledge of the web extension yet to mature, 40 million may be a conservative projection.

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