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Surrender + Chronicles, Vol. 1 + Just Kids + Life: Four Rock Autobiographies To Put On Your Christmas List

25 December 2022

The rock and roll star has always been a bit of an enigma and down the years many have released their autobiographies, unravelling their lives of madness, touring, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Many of the world’s most iconic musicians have put pen to paper to tell all, discussing their relationships with bandmates, supermodels, life on the road, and the highs and lows of excess, from snorting cocaine in Hollywood to dark times in drug rehab.

It’s a life like no other, and with Christmas coming up, there are plenty of amazing autobiographies out there to pick up for yourself or a loved one…



Bono - Surrender

One of the latest to hit the shelves is Bono’s memoir, Surrender. It’s received rave reviews so far with John Blake of CNN describing it as an “entertaining and often hilarious” read that discusses all aspects of his life, from music to religion, relationships and beyond.

Bono has long been a man who keeps his private life private, so it really is opening the door to discover more about his life, what makes him tick and behind the scenes of some of the most influential albums of the last 40 years.


Bob Dylan - Chronicles, Volume One

Many believe that Bob Dylan’s 2004 memoir is the ultimate rock and roll biography and it’s hard to disagree, especially given that it won a Nobel Prize for Literature. It’s an intense read that moves from one moment in his life to the next, and it’s quite incredible just how many characters he’s met and come across.

It’s a quite astonishing read and lifts the lid on who Bob Dylan really is. 


Patti Smith - Just Kids

Released in 2010, Patti Smith takes an admirable approach to her memoir and it’s a book that’s filled with warmth and absolutely no bitterness whatsoever. Many autobiographies in the celebrity world discuss gripes, reveal all about relationships going sour and they leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Not with the iconic Patti Smith. She has some quite incredible tales littered throughout the book and it’s a genuinely fantastic read that any aspiring musician, particularly female, should pick up.


Keith Richards - Life

Released in the same year as Patti Smith’s, Keith Richards’ autobiography is pretty explosive. The Rolling Stones have long been the pinnacle of rock and roll and Keef unveils exactly what it’s like to be a Stone.

There’s a fair bit of bitching about Mick, but it’s a book that will truly blow your mind, with stories that are almost believable. Those days were a rock and roll circus all right!

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