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06 November 2009

Brüno is the must-see movie of the year, and now with new, previously unseen exclusive features, there’s even more reason to give your DVD collection a makeover this season.

Universal Pictures (UK) are laying on a special treat to celebrate the release of BRÜNO out to own and rent on DVD and Blu-ray DVD from November 9th.

On Sunday 8th November from 19:30pm (doors open at 19:00pm) there will be a free screening of Brüno at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square in London. But not only this, it will be a special version of the film with exclusive video commentary from Sacha Baron Cohen and the films director Larry Charles.

Entry is free of charge and each audience member will be given 2 free drinks at the bar. If that wasn’t enough there will be some Bruno goodies being given away to lucky audience members on the night.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Director Larry Charles share their best-kept filming secrets in a video commentary, showing for the first time ever, how the duo pulled off some of the most flamboyant, most headline grabbing stunts of the year.  Not only will you ache with laughter as you watch Brüno getting down and dirty with the ghost of Milli Vanilli or being on the wrong side of a beating from a whip wielding porn star, but also get exclusive behind the scenes knowledge on their gutsy film making antics.

Brüno (Baron Cohen) is an Austrian fashionista and late-night TV host on a jaw dropping journey across the globe in his bid to become the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler!  From stealing African ‘gay-by’s’ to trying to resolve international conflict by gently stroking heads of state, Sacha Baron Cohen’s larger than life creation will stop at nothing in his quest to find fame.

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