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From Model to Actress: A Conversation with Keeley Hazell for the release of Awful Nice

05 August 2014


Jim and Dave are brothers. They haven’t seen eachother in years, but when their father unexpectedly dies, they are forced to travel down to Branson together to redeem their inheritance; the family’s lake house. Upon arriving, they find that the house is in terrible condition, and worse-yet, they’ll have to fix it themselves before they can sell it and receive their money. What follows is a series of hilarious mishaps and costly misadventures that ultimately help the two brothers rebuild their strained relationship as they attempt to restore the house they grew up in.

Starring: James Pumphrey (High Road, 2 Broke Girls, Arrested Development), Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU, True Blood, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For), Brett Gelman (The Other Guys, 30 Minutes or Less, Jobs), Laura Ramsey (No One Lives, The Ruins, Lords of Dogtown, She’s the Man), Alex Rennie and British FHM darling Keely Hazell (Like Crazy, Horrible Bosses 2).

Here Keeley Hazell talks about her transition from Modelling to Acting, moving to LA and auditioning for Fifty Shades of Grey...


Hi Keeley, you star in the new comedy, ‘Awful Nice’ which is out in the UK on VOD 11th August - can you tell us about your character?

I play Petra, who was originally supposed to be Russian, but I'm very British which kind of changed things. She ends up in this bizarre place, involved with a Russian gang. She's very kind of open, sexually. She could possibly be a hooker, but I think it's more that she's very independent. But she's a very fun girl who happens to hang out with a lot of Russian gangsters.


And how did you become involved in the film?

It actually came about in a funny way. I didn’t really go in to audition; the casting director was familiar with some of my work and put my name in with a few other actresses, and ended up picking me. And I was like, great! They said you've got the part and I said, this is how it should work! (Laughs)


Did you have to stick to the script or were your scenes improvised?

There was improvisation in many of the scenes, which was great, because many of the guys come from that background. So they came in and went off on things. That was great for me, because I think it’s freeing to be able to improv and not always stick to the lines. There was definitely improv in the scene that we did.





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AWFUL NICE (cert.15) is available in the UK on demand and digitally Monday August 11 2014, courtesy of Solo Media