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18 March 2021

Here we have compiled a list of the best movies at TheFanCarpet related to gambling and problems in some way. There are a lot of options as you may know but we have decided that these movies are simply the best and the most appealing. You do need to watch all of them and have a great time and also learn a few things.

Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal is one of the best movies of all time. The main role is Demi Moore who I married to his high school sweetheart. They have an ideal marriage. But, due to money issues, they will accept a strange proposal. Moore must spend one night with a billionaire. In return, they will get $1 million dollars. This is done and the couple gets their money.

Soon after this happens, there are many problems that emerge. The couple splits and they end the marriage. Her husband gives all $1 million for something unexpected. You should watch and see.



The Cooler

The Cooler is a movie released in 2003 and you can see Alec Baldwin as the casino boss and a few other, popular names. The main character is Bernie Lootz and he is a gambler with addiction. He plays at the casino table and his mission is to make others lose. There are a lot of twists and unexpected actions in the movie which makes it one of the best on our list and one that deserves your time.

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The Gambler

The Gambler is an older movie, being released in 1974. In the movie, Axel Freed is a gambler who likes to gamble and who will do anything he can to gamble and play games more. But, he plays versus the wrong people and he loses big time. The mafia will break your arms if you must pay them $10000. They will break your legs if you must pay $20000. Well, our character is $44.000 in debt.

The movie is thrilling and truly has a nice plot, detailed and stunning in the lack of a better word. We also liked the performance of the main character. It has been awarded and considered as one of the best of all times.



Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant was released in 1972 and it is Harvey Keitel's masterpiece. In the movie, a bad cop is also a drug addict and a person who loves to gamble. The movie follows his actions across the city which is New York by the way and puts him in various situations where only luck can help him out. Keep in mind that the movie is loaded with stressful and appealing situations you must see.



Owning Mahowny

Owning Mahowny movie came out in 2003 so it is far from a really old movie. However, it is less-known due to unknown reasons. We would like to promote this movie because for gamblers and all the ones with gambling issues, it truly has a lot to offer. The main actor is Philip Seymour Hoffman and he is a bank manager. But, he can still get money from the bank and not a single person will ever know. Yes, he does this.

The movie is based on the real story of a banker called Brian Molony who stole over $10 million from the bank. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character uses all of that money for gambling. He will travel to Atlantic City all the time and use that money for playing games. Will he win or lose? You will need to watch the movie and find out. All we can add is that he doesn’t want to stop playing.




If you are a gambler, these movies are a must. If you are not a gambler, these movies are still something you should watch. They are masterpieces and some of the best releases in the world. Each movie is fun, appealing, loaded with details, and comes with many elements you need to pay close attention to.


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