Game Of Thrones Actor Iwan Rheon Stars In The First Of Its Kind ‘In Real Life Video Game’ SCREAMFEST IV: THE KRAKEN’S REVENGE For Halloween | The Fan Carpet

Game Of Thrones Actor Iwan Rheon Stars In The First Of Its Kind ‘In Real Life Video Game’ SCREAMFEST IV: THE KRAKEN’S REVENGE For Halloween

31 October 2020

The Kraken Rum has teamed up with Iwan Rheon - best known for his role in Game of Thrones - to become the leading character in its new live video game ‘Screamfest IV: The Kraken’s Revenge’ for release this Halloween

The game is the brainchild of legendary Rockstar Games creator, John Zurhellen who is behind classics such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Manhunt 1 & 2 and Red Dead Redemption

The terrifying game - billed as an ‘in real life video game’, sees fans seizing control of a real-life human – in this case Iwan Rheon - during a desperate attempt to guide the tortured soul through a maze of dangers to escape The Kraken’s arch-nemesis, The Balthazoid

The game will run over four high-octane evenings from Wednesday 28th until Saturday 31st October.

To watch the terrifying and spectacle action unfold, link onto the live stream

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any scarier, think again… This Halloween The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has teamed up with Game of Thrones actor, Iwan Rheon to star in its terrifying new video game - ‘Screamfest IV: The Kraken’s Revenge’.

Created by legendary games director John Zurhellen of Grand Theft auto IV and Manhunt 1 & 2 fame, this one of a kind live video game was a world first: as players used their smartphones or computers to issue commands to Hollywood actor, Iwan Rheon and watch him respond immediately on a live video link. 



Inspired by John Zurhellen’s illustrious career in creating Hollywood blockbuster-style games spanning almost two decades, the stalker-like game saw fans guide Iwan using a single torch light, directing them through a series of terrifying rooms, tiny cramped cells and damp, well-trodden corridors to safety - before it’s too late! Tense, frightening and chillingly dark, our courageous players must evade The Kraken’s nemesis at all costs.

Iwan Rheon said, “To say starring in Screamfest IV: The Kraken’s Revenge’ was a terrifiying experience is an understatment! The game was nerve wracking from the outset; from being confronted by a fellow prisoner in a cell, to having the public guide me through a host of dark, dank and derelick rooms and coming face-to-face with The Baltazoid. It was the stuff of absolute nightmares!"

Rockstar Games alumni John Zurhellen, whose work on Manhunt 2 was forebodingly described as one of the ‘most gruesome, dark and unique stealth action titles ever made’1 is aiming to deliver similar reviews for his latest nightmare-inducing effort.

John Zurhellen said, “The brief for Kraken Screamfest was simple: come up with a concept more terrifying and warped than anything 2020 has to offer. So, I delved deep into our primal fears - being hunted, tight spaces, dark shadows, hate-filled creatures - and I’m pretty confident I’ll deliver one of the most terrifying experiences to be seen in UK homes this year. On a personal note, I’m extremely honoured to pick up the baton where Neil Marshall left off, so rest assured Kraken fans, I will do your Mighty Beast proud!”

If you missed out on Iwan’s terrifying endeveavours, don’t despair, as fans of The Kraken can watch him go into battle with The Balthazoid and try to evade his capture on film via a spectacle live stream.

Or if you fancy playing yourself, check out The Kraken’s social channels via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get your hands on some limited edition tickets reserved for the 31st October game.

The Kraken’s online IRL game, ‘Screamfest IV: The Kraken’s Revenge’ will run from Wednesday 28th October until Saturday 31st October, with the live stream available from 4pm pm until midnight each day, bar Saturday which is in operation  from midday until 8pm.

1 Man Hunt 2 Review on IGN



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