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Game of Thrones favourite Peter Dinklage to star in Michelle Darn

05 February 2015

Universal is backing the new pic from Tammy duo, Melissa McCarthy and co-writer/director/husband Ben Falcone. Despite the critical blow they received for Tammy the pair are going for it again with Michelle Darnell, which they have secured Peter Dinklage to star in.

The film follows McCarthy playing the title character who is a former big shot businesswoman whose career and reputation are damaged when she’s sent to prison for insider trading.

Upon her release, she attempts to rebrand herself as a loveable heroine. But not everyone she cheated and hurt is ready to forgive her. According to Variety, Dinklage will play her main antagonist, a part that has apparently been the subject of an extensive casting search among performers of both sexes, with people such as Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm and even Oprah Winfrey considered.

Falcone will again direct the film based on an idea by the McCarthy, which he co-wrote with her and Steve Mallory.

Michelle Darnell will arrive in the UK on August 14.

Until then fans can catch Dinklage as our favourite witty Lannister, Tyrion, in season five of Games of Thrones in April. This summer he can seen in Adam Sandler’s comedy Pixels.

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