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Game Of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season – Out February 16 – Top 10 Game Of Thrones Tattoos

04 February 2015

There’s no shortage of tributes to Game of Thrones, but a permanent one inked onto your body is a serious commitment. To celebrate the release of Games of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-ray & DVD on 16th February, we have handpicked some of the most breathtakingly badass Game of Thrones tattoos out there!

As Game Of Thrones has a big fan-base we have drafted a fun feature looking at the top 10 Game Of Thrones tattoos made by fans. It was not an easy task to only choose 10, as there a lot of impressive ones out there, however the ten chosen showcase a variety and tells different aspects of the characters and storyline...

The White Walker

The mythological race mentioned in ancient legends and stories - until the White Walkers return just before the War of the Five Kings

Source: Domantas Parvainis

Three-Eyed Crow

The three-eyed crow appears in Bran Stark’s dreams and guides him out of his coma

Source: Ryan Thomas of Black 13 Tattoo in Nashville, TN.

Source: Edvinas, Redcloud tattoo, Sala, Sweden

Source: Ray McGarvey at Body Graphics, Temecula, CA

Dragon Tattoo

The magical and powerful creatures that become an important asset for Khaleesi/Daenerys

Source: Awesome-3D-tattoo

Winter is Coming

The motto of the lords of the North, The Starks, showcases the meaning of constant vigilance to always be prepared for the coming Winter. All illustrated with House Starks’ direwolves

Source: Marquinhos Ribeiro de Ponta Grossa

Source: Archive Tattoo

Khaleesi/Daenerys Targaryen

The confidence and strength portrayed in the character of Khaleesi/Daenerys throughout the series

Source: Teneile Napoli

Source: Sarah Miller

Source: The Rue Morgue Tattoo Gallery

Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season is out on Blu-ray & DVD 16th February 2015, and available now to own and watch instantly via digital download, courtesy of HBO Home Entertainment.