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Gamers Unite for Online Gambling Themed Game Based on Simon West’s WILD CARD Starring Jason Statham + Sofia Vergara

09 August 2018

Most gamers spend most of their time trying to hit the big wins by spinning the reels in online slots or outsmarting the dealer/other players in table and card games. while this is basically the life of a gamer i.e. trying to make profits from gaming, at times, it’s important that one should take a rest in order to refresh the mind (and body also). There are many things to do when one wants to rest including watching a movie. The beauty of watching movies is that a gamer can pick a gambling themed movie so that s/he mixes the entertainment element and the learning element; the entertainment element is derived from the action taking place in the game while the learning element is derived from the playing tips that a gamer learns when watching gambling themed movies.

Once such gambling themed game which is a must watch for all gamers is Wild Card, a movie released in 2015 and starring Jason Statham and Sofia Vergara.

Background Information
Wild Card is a film adaptation of the widely read ‘Heat’ novel, a novel written by William Goldman. The film first hit the screens of viewers in 2015 in the US before premiering in other countries across the globe. The stars of this film include Jason Statham, the main protagonist, Stanley Tucci, Hope Davis, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Angarano and Sofia Vergara.

The action in Wild Card centres on Jason Statham who plays the role of Nick in this game. Nick is a man who is battling a gambling addiction. Due to his addiction, Nick lost everything that he had and he has resorted to working as a personal bodyguard to sustain himself. In his work as a bodyguard, he provides protection to the highest bidder at any given time. Nick finds himself providing protection to a man that he helped win the love of his life. During one of his trips with his new client, Nick is approached by a waitress (also a friend of his) with a message for him. The message is from Holly, one of Nick’s friends who works as an escort.

When Nick visits Holly, Holly tells Nick about her horrendous ordeal with one of her clients. According to Holly, she was asked by a client to accompany him to a hotel so that they can spend the night together. However, when they arrived in the hotel room, the client forcefully raped her before leaving two of his personal bodyguards to take turns raping her and then assaulting her. Left in a comma, the client and his two bodyguards drove Holly and left her at the entrance of a hospital.

Holly seeks revenge but to accomplish her plans, she wants Nick to track this client and his two bodyguards. Nick denies at first but is persuaded by Holly. It doesn’t take a lot of time before Nick finds the client and his two bodyguards. Confronting them in their own room, Nick manages to handcuff all three and asks Holly to come. Holly leaves her mark on all three of them before helping herself with $50,000 from her client’s drawer.

While Holly and Nick think that they have done enough to scare the three guys, they do not know that they have just started a war that will have many battles. Nick, however, is the one left to fight all the battles as Holly flew out of Las Vegas shortly after leaving her mark on the three guys.

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