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Get the Look: 5 Famous Movie Interiors of Female Protagonists

27 January 2016

From magical love stories to epic adventures, movies inspire our lives. Movie settings enhance storylines and character traits. These impactful film settings aren't necessarily faraway jungles or bloody battle scenes, yet simply the homes the characters live in. For anyone who loves the big screen and a sharp sense of style, check out the following five films featuring iconic interiors to inspire your next decorative theme or makeover.

Holly Golightly's Apartment, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Holly Golightly's apartment is the quintessential dream home in the Upper East Side for any young New York City urbanite. The iconic clawfoot bathtub sofa accented with fuchsia throw pillows and a violet cushion makes the ultimate statement of style. Decorated with a mix and match of antiques and whimsy pieces, her apartment unapologetically reflects Golightly's own eccentricities. Mimic her carefree interior design style with a zebra-print rug and stacked vintage suitcases. According to My Domaine, you can achieve that decorative effortless elegance with pink and gold accents, an acoustic guitar and Champagne coupes.

Kathleen Kelly's Apartment, "You've Got Mail"

Peek back into a more simpler time of online dating—a time when sending an email on your computer was just as exciting as swiping right on your mobile phone. Apartment Therapy ranks "You've Got Mail" as one of the top unforgettable American movie interiors. Not only did Kelly live in the idyllic Upper West Side, but her New York brownstone apartment charmed with teal and beige kitchen tile flooring, an oversized bookshelf and her shabby chic bedroom where sunlight streamed across the hardwood floor. A green vase with fresh white flowers is also a soft touch for adding warm vibrancy to any city apartment.

Hannah's Apartment, "Hannah and Her Sisters"

Legendary film director Woody Allen once said, "the only real value [of my work] is going to be the background scenery." It's no wonder then that Upper West Side real estate practically became leading characters in his movies. In "Hannah and Her Sisters," Hannah's apartment is in New York City's luxurious Langham hotel located at 135 Central Park West, which is where actress Mia Farrow lived in real life, according to the Gothamist. You can even use this movie as inspiration for hosting your next family Thanksgiving dinner when the holiday season comes around.

Mrs. Robinson's House, "The Graduate"

Heading West across country, the Beverly Hills brick house from "The Graduate" is a Hollywood icon. The film is full of interior glitz and glam, from Mrs. Robinson's chic all-white master bedroom with purple accents to her sophisticated enclosed patio and black granite bar. If you dream of a glamorous escape to California a la "The Graduate," go for luxe L.A. living in an upscale apartment. Replicate Mrs. Robinson's bar on a smaller scale by designating a party space for mixing and sipping drinks. A fancy bar cart and tray, cobalt ice bucket, cocktail glasses and sexy confidence can help you seduce that younger man like a movie star.

Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment, "Sex & The City"

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment was just as alluring as her writing career and dramatic love life. Looking to channel your inner fashionista through interior design and writing? The Life Creative highlights the window and desk duo as one way to re-create Carrie's stylish space. An apartment window may just be an opening to the outdoors. But for Carrie Bradshaw, it's where she and her laptop endeavored to make sense of love and relationships—"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them."

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