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Getting to grips with Frank Irving: A Conversation with Orlando Jones for the return of Sleepy Hollow TONIGHT on Universal Channel

15 October 2014

A thrilling, mystery-adventure drama series spanning two and a half centuries, in which a resurrected Ichabod Crane pairs up with a present-day cop to save the enigmatic town of Sleepy Hollow – and the world – from unprecedented evil.

The Fan Carpet's guest interviewer, Charysse Tia Harper of Xplore the World had the pleasure of speaking with the hilarious and multi talented Orlando Jones, where he tells us about why he got into acting, the fun they have on the Sleepy Hollow set and his love of Formula 1.


Let's go back to the beginning, you've had a long and varied career, from MadTV to Evolution to Sleepy Hollow, what drew you to this career? Was there one pivotal moment where you thought 'this is what I want to do'?

I don’t know. I have always wanted to tell a story and always loved interacting with people. It has been an exploration of the human condition to play different characters that offer different points-of-view and different value systems. I always thought that would be a fascinating way to live your life. And that is what the entertainment business does.  All of us just want to sit around the table and tell stories. I just get to do it for a living.


It's a fascinating legend, the story of the headless horseman has been done a lot over the years, what drew you to the role of Frank?

I really think he is very exciting! In season one, he is the non-believer. He feels there is a plausible answer for something going on. I like the idea that in the world we live in – that has so much violence – that he takes on the burden of that on his shoulders every day. He is so humourless and by the book and all those things cost him so much: his family, career… I love the journey the character takes.

I hear there is a lot of fan fiction out there for the show, can you tell us your favourite or the one that stands out most to you?

There is not one part there are multiple parts: Ichabod and Abbi – both are in strange relationships. She is being chased around and Ichabod is in purgatory. historical element; biblical element; action; espionage. I provide the action. There are demons, creatures and more. There is a lot going on – and there’s Katrina; I want her to be a witch! All of those elements come together to make it a different experience.


Speaking of your character, can you tell us about your influences?

I try not to have them. I like to delve in from scratch. I try to figure out how Frank walks and talks. If there was an influence, it is just looking at people who get annoyed with me when I laugh and joke around. Irving would be annoyed with me because he is so serious. I don’t care about anything! [laughs] I wanted to play someone who I deal with in my everyday life.





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Sleepy Hollow returns for a second series on Wednesday 15 October at 9pm, exclusively to Universal Channel