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Green Hornet’s Having a Hell of a Time Getting Made

30 September 2009

What with the crashing, the smoke and the shakeups, it seems as if The Green Hornet is in need of its own superhero.

But the production is plugging along despite the latest mishap, a bitty bomb scare today on the film's Los Angeles set.

LAPD were called to the Wilshire Boulevard location when crewmembers discovered an unfamiliar-looking metal object lying in the parking lot.

To protect the rights and lives of decent citizens, the bomb squad promptly exploded the item on site, a routine tactic they also took when a Mission: Impossible III promotional stunt went awry in 2006. An innocent newspaper rack was among the collateral damage then.

"Everything is clear, they only found a smoke detector," a police spokesman told E! News Tuesday. No word on whether Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz were around for the show.

It was no illusion, however, when a stuntman lost control of a car and plowed into the top-tier Creative Artists Agency in Century City earlier this month while shooting a chase scene.

The stuntman was fine, but The Green Hornet, which director Michel Gondry took over after original helmer Stephen Chow dropped out, is starting to get a reputation.

Source: E! Online

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