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Grimm: Complete Season 2 – A Detective

20 October 2013

Watch’s Prime Time Emmy Nominated fantasy crime drama returns with another action-packed series, following one Portland homicide detective, as he must fight the killers that only he can see.

Plagued by his supernatural lineage, Nick Burkhardt must battle the fantastical creatures of German story-telling (‘Wesen’) that wear a human face, whilst fighting to keep his secret from the people he loves the most.

To celebrate the Blu-ray and DVD release of GRIMM: SEASON TWO on 21 October from Universal Pictures (UK), we’ve compiled a comprehensive beginners guide to the weird and wonderful creatures that populate this fairytale underworld...


Grimm Reapers are a secret society devoted to the elimination of the Grimm bloodline.


Blutbaden are wolf-like beasts with a keen sense of smell and great strength. The Blutbaden are very violent when in packs and are provoked by the colour red. Their sense of smell can be weakened by the herb wolfs bane and they are vulnerable to attacks to the lower back.


Beaver Wesen who appear to be meek and very cowardly but not as much as Mauzhertz. They seem to have a knack for repair, baking, and crafts. Eisbiber are a democratic society who convene in societies called "lodges," and put issues in their community to a vote.


Fox creatures who are extremely sly and cunning. Fuchsbau seem to not mind dealing with shady transactions, such as selling human organs and blood (supplied by Geiers) to other Wesen.


Witch-like Wesen with silver hair and ugly, rotten faces.


Are savage, human-like Wesen that are Man-eaters, and are said to have breath like burnt flesh.


Are pig or boar-like Wesen. They have an intense rivalry with the Blutbaden that dates back centuries.


Are coyote-type creatures. They exist in packs; if one is spotted, there are usually more lurking nearby.


Dragon-like creatures and one of the rarer Wesen. Dämonfeuer have the ability to vaporize their own fat, which they can cough up as a cloud of highly flammable particles.


A goblin-like Wesen with twin blade bones as fingers that release highly concentrated acid secreted by its muscles, and are also sharp enough to slice a victim in half. Their legs are also very strong enabling them to leap far and to stomp the ground with considerable force.


Are highly sadistic vulture-like creatures that are known for their ability to move quickly through the trees. Geiers are most infamous for harvesting human organs and blood, preferably while the victim is still alive, to make highly effective medicinal remedies for the Wesen community.


Are troll-like Wesen who are particularly fond of stewarding bridges, demanding toll payments from the Eisbiber who build them. Several of them work in construction for that very purpose.


Are vicious dog-like Wesen with heightened tracker talents and relentless sense for pursuing their prey, which is why they become feared hit men, enforcers or bounty hunters.


Are bear-like Wesen who use a Germanic weapon with a claw-like scoop to disembowel their victims.


Are cat-like creatures, with more resemblance to alley cats than beasts of prey. They are noted to be popular with women, but it never ends well as they are very possessive and prone to violence.


Are snake-like creatures with forked tongues, fangs, slanted eyes and skin covered in scales. They typically prey on weaker creatures (such as the Mauseherz) and use their powerful arms to crush their victims like a boa constrictor.


Are mouse-like Wesen, well known for their cowardly streak. When confronted, they often flee to their "safety zones." They tend to be hoarders.


Elfin-like Wesen with the ability to inspire artistic creativity in those they get close to. Musai are very attractive and seductive, having bright red hair, sparkling light blue skin, long, pointy ears and large, deep blue eyes. The kiss of the Musai secretes a psychotropic substance and is known to be as euphoriant and addictive as any narcotic known to man, causing obsessive infatuation.


Is a horse-type Wesen. The creature is a type of Centaur, a man's torso sewn to the back of some sort of rotting horse.


Is a bird-like Wesen, comparable to a canary or parakeet. They are so rare that they are considered extinct.