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Halle Berry was targetted by Trespasser

11 July 2011

It seems that an intruder went to extraordinary lengths to catch a glimpse of Oscar winning actress Halle Berry over the weekend by scaling her privacy wall and lurking in the front yard.

Berry who was home at the time called the police, but the unidentified trespasser had already fled the scene when they had arrived.

It was thought that the trespasser was in fact a paparrazo but this was immediately refuted by a photo agency source who said "There is absolutely no way it was a paparazzi. The crew that works Halle are professional photographers. Halle, Gabriel nd her current boyfriend [Olivier Martinez] all know those guys. They wouldn't do anything stupid like hop over the fence. If one of the paps hopped the fence, you'd be sure another pap would have shot him doing that, because they're so competitive."

Berry who is known for films including Die Another Day, the X-Men trilogy and Monster's Ball will next be seen in Garry Marshall's New Year's Eve when the ensemble romantic comedy comes to cinemas on December 9.

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