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Halloween Special: The Top 15 Horror Villains of All Time

15 October 2015

It’s the most wonderful tie of the year…Halloween is almost upon us! This is the perfect time of year to sequester yourself away indoors and have a horror film fest. We all have our favourite horror film characters, but there are certain villains that have stood the test of time in order to scare generations of horror film lover all over the world.

In order to find out which character comes out on top, Best Offers Bingo conducted a survey of over 1800 people asking ‘who is the best horror villain of all time?' Below is a list of the top 15 malicious, manic and damn right menacing horror villains of all time!




15. GHOSTFACE - 13 votes
Most Evil Deed:
Killing off what seems the whole of the teen population of Woodsboro High School

Scariest Feature: His obsession with scary movies and prank calls…doesn’t he realise everyone texts now?




14. LEATHERFACE - 16 votes
Most Evil Deed: Eating his victims and making masks out of their skin, yikes!

Scariest Feature: Human mask along with a very large and bloodstained chainsaw.




13. SADAKO YAMAMURA - 21 votes
Most Evil Deed: Haunting a video tape that will kill anyone who watches in 7 days - thank goodness for Netflix.

Scariest Feature: Her one-eyed death stare and ability to crawl through television sets.




12. JASON VOORHEES - 31 votes 

Most Evil Deed:
Killing 120 people in order try and seek revenge for the death of his mother.

Scariest Feature: The trademark hockey mask, long machete and the fact he is a invulnerable and undead killing machine!




11. PINHEAD - 35 votes 

Most Evil Deed:
Coming to earth and harvesting the souls of his victims.

Scariest Feature: His ability to use his mind to control, his demonic and gothic clothing and metal pins that stick out his face - ouch!




10. MICHAEL MYERS - 49 votes 
Most Evil Deed: Killing his sister when he was only 6 years old! I mean we've heard of the terrible twos but sadistic sixes?

Scariest Feature: He won’t die…ever!




9. PENNYWISE - 53 votes 

Most Evil Deed: Targeting and killing innocent young children, feeding off their fear 

Scariest Feature: Razor sharp teeth and the fact he's a CLOWN!




8. THE THING - 54 votes 

Most Evil Deed:
This alien is McCarthyism incarnate. Killing and absorbing its victims, then taking on their appearance.

Scariest Feature: The ability to perfectly mimic its victims




7. CANDYMAN - 80 votes

Most Evil Deed: Killing anybody who says his name 5 time in front of a mirror

Scariest Feature: His hook hand and bee infested body.




6. JAWS - 113 votes 

Most Evil Deed:
Terrorising Amity Island and attacking anyone who dares enter its salty water
Scariest Feature: The theme tune says it all (duhhh-duh...duhhh-duh...)




5. TERMINATOR - 132 votes 

Most Evil Deed:
Trying to kill the mother of the man who will one day save all human kind against the machines in 2029

Scariest Feature: It will not stop until you are dead! 




4. NORMAN BATES - 150 votes

Most Evil Deed: Killing and mummifying his own mother and killing any woman he is attracted to

Scariest Feature: He kills people dressed as his dead mother…severe mummy issues




3. ALIEN - 190 votes 
Most Evil Deed:
Killing any and all living lifeforms it finds a threat and planting larvae inside living hosts that quickly erupt from chest or intestines

Scariest Feature: Acid for blood and deadly double mouth




2. FREDDY KREUGER - 340 votes

Most Evil Deed: Entering the dreams of his victims and killing them in the dream world, thus killing them in the real world!

Scariest Feature: Knives for hands and full body burn marks




1. HANNIBAL LECTER - 541 votes 

Most Evil Deed: his obsession with eating others and serving brains to his guest for dinner - gross!

Scariest Feature: He wants to eat you, in a scarily charismatic way

Did your favourite horror villain make the top 15? Let us know in the comments below!

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