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Happymatches Experts Give Tips on How You Can Keep Connected To Your Boyfriend If You Are Separated By Self-Isolation

24 April 2020

You or your boyfriend may go into self-isolation due to various reasons. It could be a self-quarantine to check if you are infected with diseases, for example, the recent case of COVID-19. It could also be to have time alone to focus on your life or for other reasons. The reality is that you will not be close to your boyfriend and you will not enjoy the intimacy that you used to.

However, all is not lost because you can stay in touch with your guy and still feel close. Here are some ways that you can keep connected to your love if you are separate due to self-isolation.

Wake him up with a call every morning
You know what time your boyfriend gets up, and even when his alarm goes off, right? Why don't you wake him up a minute before that time? Instead of hearing his annoying wake-up alarm, he will hear your sweet voice.

Not only will he wake up with a smile and feeling thought of but will also have a beautiful day. Supposing you share a bed when together, he must be feeling your absence, so calling him to wake him up will make him feel like you are around. That reminder that you still care for him and love him will help deal with the feelings of missing you and the time to pass more quickly.



Surprise him with a well-thought out care package
If you do not know the address of the place your boyfriend is in isolation, for example his country childhood home, use creative ways to get the address, but do not ask him directly. After getting the address, send a gift to let him you have him on your mind and that you love him.

You can have an online vendor deliver the package or send someone to drop it at their door. Gift them a tangible thing that will outlast the tough moments so they will live to see it and remember your care and affection. You may also include a snack or another tasty stuff that brightens his day or de-stresses him after a long day.

If you are not sure of what to give him, you can ask a friend who knows him or seek the help of relationship and hook-up advisers such as the Happymatches experts. Maybe you even met him through their site for dating and hook-ups, so you know that you can trust them.



Check Out His Favorite Thing and Discuss It
Has your guy been telling you to have a look at his favorite book or show, but you have not done it? This time you are apart is the best time to do so. As you work from home or an isolation center, go through the book or TV show and you will have spent your time in a better way. After that, bring up a discussion about the book or show next time you have a call, chat, or video call. He will feel that you care about his taste and you will cheer him up.

Those are just a few things that you can do to keep the connection with your guy while in isolation. However, the list is endless and depends on your creativity and imagination. You may also record a video of yourself dancing or reciting a poem you wrote for him and then share it with him. The most important thing is to make him feel that you are thinking of him and love him and express it the best way you can.

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