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Harish Patel talks about his character Raja for the release of Jadoo

05 September 2013

A delicious foodie-comedy, JADOO’s secret ingredient is a delightful romantic twist, which sees Raja’s daughter Shalini (Amara Karan – The Darjeeling Limited), attempt to get the brothers talking again. She hatches a plan and asks them to work together to cook her a perfect Indian wedding banquet...but will she succeed?

We sat down with the very charming and very funny Harish Patel to talk about how he got into acting and his experience of bringing Jadoo to life.


Can you talk about your character Raja?

He’s the older brother who, in his younger days, had to give a lot to his younger brother – from his cricket bat to his toys. As a child he never liked it, in fact. No child likes it actually. I’m an older brother; there’re three of us and I’m the middle one, so I had to listen to the elder one and give in to the younger one. This role is very close to me. I don’t have to act, in fact, for this role.


How did you get the part of Raja?

I’d been told to do the wrong part so I didn’t accept it. However the producers thought I’d said no to the part of Raja so I received a letter from one of the producers, Richard, asking me to please accept it. It was such a beautiful letter he sent me and it made me feel wanted. Yes, yes I was wanted for this role. This is what an actor wants, you know.


How do you prepare for a role?

I believe in a script. I tell my juniors also, I read a script at least a hundred times, whether it’s a play, film or TV. I keep reading the script until they’re no longer in front of my eyes. If it’s a well written script you can get all your answers about the character from it. Jadoo is one of those scripts.


Why do you think people should go and see Jadoo?

People should go and see this film so that they will communicate. If there’re any family problems or misunderstandings between your relatives, go and see this film and next time communicate. Talk to them. Otherwise nobody talks to each other and the problem remains. It doesn’t get solved. With this film, you should go and see it so your problems are solved forever.





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