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Harry Potter producers laud Studio Tour

31 March 2012

Today marks the opening of the Making of Harry Potter - a fantastic walk-around studio tour to celebrate the triumphant series of films, and producers David Heyman and David Barron are thrilled to share their experiences with the devoted Potter fan-base.

Speaking at the press conference alongside members of the cast, taking place at the studios in Leavesden, North West London, Heyman professed the importance of the tour, not just for Potter fans, but for fans of film in general.

"One of the real pleasures of working on Harry Potter was seeing the actors and crews grow and develop and learn along the way and if we can put these items out there for a young artist to look at or someone who is thinking about doing anything creative this is a wonderful place to be and I think there is a responsibility for us to share it," he said.

"This is not just a tour for Harry Potter fans but for people who are not necessarily fan because it s a great insight into making a film and all of the detail, work and care, it's amazing and like a how-to in many ways."

Heyman, who produced every one of the eight films, worked alongside fellow producer Barron on sic of them - and Barron was quick to show his gratitude to Warner Bros. for opening this wonderful experience.

"It's marvellous news for British film industry because there isn't enough studio space in this country for when there is a lot of work around, and it's a huge commitment and we as representatives of the British film industry thank them enormously for this great show of faith,"  he said.

Heyman also praised the work of Sarah Roots and Dan Dark of Warner Bros. for their commitment to the cause and bringing this experience to the public.

"Harry Potter fans really love this world and we just feel really privileged that Warner Bros has taken the time and expense to share it with everybody else, its a real commitment and we as filmmakers are incredibly grateful to them," he concluded.

Roots, the VP of the Studio Tour, and Dark, the SVP and Managing Director of the studios were also in attendance at the press conference, and they were both evidently delighted with the tour and what it offers to the public, particularly to the plethora of fans of the franchise.

"This is a completely unique opportunity for us to showcase the incredible talent that exists within the British film industry.

We've been able to take the real sets and real props and real costumes and transport them from the studio we made all of the films in, into this fantastic facility and put on display the quite spectacular sets and props that were created throughout the film series," he continued.

"We worked very closely with the filmmakers and the crews who worked on the films themselves and they came back in to help us recreate the sets as they were on the films, so you're seeing the real deal here."

Roots echoed such sentiments; "We've really tried to follow on the spirit from the filming which very much lives on Leavesden," she said.

"Our staff are very keen to follow on all of the stories that came from the studio over the ten years of filming, and add a lot of fun and entertainment by telling the stories and introducing all of the secrets."

Although according to Barron, perhaps not all of the secrets... "We know lot's of other magical things that we haven't told you yet."

For more information about the tour, click here.

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Tickets are only available pre-booked, which you can purchase here. The prices are £28 for adults, and £21 for kids.