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HARRY WILD: SERIES ONE Airing NOW On Channel 5: Refreshingly Diverse Female Sleuths That Deserve Our Attention

14 March 2023

With Harry Wild streaming on Acorn TV, a second season of Harry Wild on the horizon, and a DVD release to look forward to, we’re reminded of all the fantastic female sleuths through the ages.

We’ve put together a list of our top female detectives from the powerhouse women – including a retired professor, a stylish PR guru and a restaurateur who have all turned their hand to sleuthing –  to the awe-inspiring trained detectives who show us how it should be done and of course, the original white-haired wily and wise one. These refreshingly diverse crime-solving leads continue to pave the way for a wider scope of representation and are as varied as the cases they solve. 



Harry Wild
Starring the inimitable Jane Seymour as a literature professor turned sleuth who starts her retirement as she means to go on –  solving crimes with a sharp mind, unique sense of humour and a not giving a damn attitude, Harry Wild is the latest series to pave the way for age and gender-inclusive TV leads and serves to prove that there’s no one way to be a sleuth – all you need is a ballsy attitude! Available on digital platforms. Coming to DVD and  streaming now on Acorn TV.



Miss Marple
When it comes to Agatha Christie's delightfully homely sleuth, appearances can deceive. As a shrewd investigator and gossip enthusiast who solves murder mysteries with charm and grace, Miss Marple is not to be underestimated.



Jean White (The Madame Blanc Mysteries)
Co-written by and starring Sally Lindsay, this is a modern murder mystery with heart and humour that we all need and set in fabulous France to add a certain Je ne sais quoi?  With a loveable lead, happy-go-lucky characters and great storylines, The Madame Blanc Mysteries promises escapist charm and marvellous mysteries galore. Series 1 & 2 Box set available on DVD now and available on DVD and digital individually. Series 1 streaming now on Acorn TV.



Agatha Raisin
Ashley Jensen stars as Agatha Raisin the PR guru turned dynamo detective who solves murder mysteries in the sleepy Cotswolds village she calls home, all while sporting a fabulous wardrobe and dangerously sharp wit.
Series 1 – 4 streaming now on Acorn TV. Also on DVD & digital.



Catherine Cawood (Happy Valley)
Across the country, Sarah Lancashire blew us away with her gritty, realistic take on being a copper.  Her straight-talking style and dry wit inspired and captured viewers' hearts in an awe-inspiring portrayal of hard-working police sergeant Cawood in the ratings-winning BBC drama Happy Valley.



Pearl Nolan (Whitstable Pearl)
Kerry Godliman stars as a restauranteur turned super sleuth, solving crimes on the Kent coast. A single mum with a no-nonsense attitude and knack for crime-solving, you certainly don’t want to mess with her!
On DVD and digital now. Series 1 & 2 streaming now on Acorn TV.



Vera Stanhope
Set against a stunning Northumberland backdrop, DCI Vera Stanhope leads her team to solve a series of captivating murder mysteries with her cutting wit and singular charm, starring the inimitable Brenda Blethyn.



D.S. Ellie Miller (Broadchurch)
And not forgetting DS Ellie Miller from the monster TV hit that is Broadchurch. The show introduces us to the local Cornwall cop and mother, played with real charm and grit by the inimitable Olivia Colman, who doesn’t let being passed over for promotion (enter new male DI Hardy, David Tennant), stand in her way. The determined detective steals the show with her kind and personable way, her realness, her firm but fair demeanour and, of course, the orange anorak that only added to her popularity as a no-nonsense, brilliant crime solver with heart.

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