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Helen Mirren Presents ANNE FRANK: PARALLEL STORIES Coming To Select Cinemas This January For A Limited Time

24 January 2020

Oscar®-winning Actress, Helen Mirren, retraces Anne Frank’s life through the pages of her diary, and we are introduced to 5 other women who, as young girls, were also deported to concentration camps but survived the Holocaust.

Produced by 3D Produzioni & Nexo Digital, in collaboration with the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, CinEvents brings Anne Frank: Parallel Stories to over 140 cinemas across UK & Ireland to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, week commencing 27th January.

Helen Mirren, Oscar®-winner for Best Actress performance in The Queen, tells the story of Anne’s life in the documentary Anne Frank: Parallel Stories. Born in Frankfurt on 12th June 1929, this documentary is dedicated to her memory and has been created to tell the story of her life to mark what would have been her 90th birthday.


“This is a story we must never forget. We are beginning to lose the generation of people who are living witness of what happened in Europe in those terrible days, and so it’s all the more important to keep the memory alive looking into the future. With the advent of the wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, with the immigration issue that’s happening in Europe, it’s so easy to start pointing your finger at different races, different tribes, different cultures, different people and say ‘you’re to blame for my problems’. So, I just feel the diary of Anne Frank is an amazing teaching tool, an amazing vessel to carry the real understanding of human experiences of the past into our present and very much into our future. I find it very, very important and that’s why I wanted to do this piece” said Dame Helen Mirren.



Helen Mirren introduces audiences to Anne's story through the words of her diary, an extraordinary text that has made the tragedy of Nazism known to millions of readers all over the world, and reveals the brilliant, enlightening intelligence of a young girl who wanted to become a writer. Mirren’s set, a perfect reconstruction of Anne’s room in her secret refuge in Amsterdam, with every detail carefully recreated by set designers from the Piccolo Theatre in Milan.

What would Anne Frank's life have been like had she survived the days at Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen? What would have happened to the hopes and dreams she wrote about in her diary? What would her talented voice have told us about evil, about Auschwitz, about the death marches and about Bergen Belsen? And what makes her, still today, a friend for millions of teenagers who identify with her youth, her suffering and her fears?



Off “set”, a young girl, Martina Gatti, leads us on a journey that visits the places that were part of Anne Frank’s short life and her feelings. Her role as a silent witness, talking to her peers using social media as a communication tool, comes from the need to place the tragedies of the past in relation to the present, to understand what could be an antidote today against all forms of racism, discrimination and anti-Semitism. It is through Anne‘s curiosity and her desire not to remain indifferent that we realise how contemporary her words are and how powerful the voices of those who can still tell their story.



Anne Frank: Parallel Stories Film Page


Anne Frank
Anne Frank (1929-1945) was given a red and white diary by her father for her thirteenth birthday on 12th June 1942. Her last entry was written on 1st August 1944, three days before her arrest in the "Secret Annex", located in the Prinsengracht 263 building. Miep Gies and Bep Voskuij, two of Otto Frank’s workers, found Anne Frank’s diaries after the family had been deported. Miep kept them in the hope that one day she would be able to return them to Anne. After the war, when she discovered that Anne had died in the concentration camp, Miep gave the notebooks to Anne’s father, Otto, the only surviving member of the family, who decided to have them published. It was a painful decision to make, determined by the desire to grant his daughter's wish: “I want to go on living even after my death”. Otto chose the title Anne herself would have wanted: "Het Achterhuis", ‘The House Behind’ (the secret, hiding place).

Anne Frank Fonds
Anne Frank Fonds was founded in Basel in 1963 by Otto Frank as a non profit organization. The foundation holds the rights to the works, letters and photos of Anne Frank and members of her family.

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