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Hellraiser’s ‘Chatterer’ Cenobite Nicholas Burman-Vince to appear at Billy Chainsaw’s Nova Nights London this August

24 July 2017

Meet Hellraiser's iconic 'Chatterer' Cenobite Nicholas Vince at Billy Chainsaw's London based film night this August

Conceived and hosted by horror and transgressive artist/actor/filmmaker/journalist and former film editor of BIZARRE magazine BILLY CHAINSAW, Episode 5 of his regular Nova Nights event takes place at London’s Horse Hospital and focuses on the life and work of NICHOLAS VINCE.

NICHOLAS VINCE is an actor best known for his magnificent performances in a trio of horror maestro Clive Barker movies - as the nightmarish Chattering Cenobite in HELLRAISER (1987), and HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II (1988), and as the creepy Kinski in NIGHT BREED (1990). Since then, through his work in comic books, as an author, and more recently writing and directing his own short films, Vince has become a genre legend.

The evening’s running order is as follows:
Director Nicholas Vince
R/T 8 mins

Nicholas Vince’s directorial debut revolves around three teens that encounter a sinister stranger (Vince) and his dog on a late night walk home. It’s a subtle slice of atmospheric creepiness.

Live conversation between BILLY CHAINSAW & NICHOLAS VINCE discussing the artist’s work and influences + audience Q&A.

R/T 84 mins
Director: Paul Etheredge-Outz

Vince’s choice is regarded as the first gay stalk and slash movie. Unfolding at Halloween, the tale sees a devil-masked, naked torso-ed psycho decapitating gays and waltzing off with their heads. Suitably sick and darkly hilarious, this relatively low budget thrill-ride is chock full of well fleshed out characters, witty dialogue, and great gore set pieces.

The evening will conclude with an autograph signing session, during which all attendees will have the opportunity to talk to Nicholas Vince directly.

Event details are as follows:

Billy Chainsaw's Nova Nights: Progressive Transgressive & Underground

Episode 5: Nicholas Vince’s Cenobite Chat and Other Tales of Terror

Location: The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, London WC1N 1JD (tel: 44 (0) 20 7833 3644)

Date: Wednesday 16th August 2017

Doors: 7pm, programme starts at 7.30pm

Admission: £5 in advance or £7 on the door

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