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Heroes: The Greatest War Movies Ever DVD release

24 September 2009

Imagine the best war movie DVD ever! That’s what happens when the full weight of the UK film industry comes together with Help for Heroes to try and raise at least a £1 million for our wounded soldiers. 

This week the archives have been thrown open to the public who are being asked to decide their favourite films to help compile the DVD – you can vote online at www.heroesdvd.co.uk 

Every penny of profit will go to the Help for Heroes charity. 

Think The Great Escape, Apocalypse Now and Lawrence of Arabia - HEROES will represent the ultimate guide to the greatest war films ever made – the definitive collection of the best scenes from all time classics, a must have for any film fan. 

"The money raised from this DVD will go towards helping some very brave young men and women who have been wounded in the service of our country. They do not consider themselves to be Heroes; we know differently. We may not be able to prevent them getting wounded, but by supporting projects like this one we can do something to help them get better."


HEROES - The Greatest War Movies Ever! was conceived by and is being released through Revolver Entertainment, in collaboration with the UK Film industry. Supporters include Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures, and many service companies that do the behind the scenes work of a film release, from editors to designers to printers to DVD manufacturers. Even retailers will be waiving their margins to support the release. 


Back in 2005, in the wake of the Tsunami, the full weight of the home entertainment industry swung behind Revolver’s idea to compile The Best Comedy DVD In The World. The project raised almost £1 million in profit and was one of UNICEF’s most successful fundraisers ever, with an average of £7 per copy given to charity. Likewise, HEROES will generate serious revenue to help our war veterans. 


Money raised from this DVD will go towards building new Army Recovery Centres (ARC). Soldiers who are wounded in the service of their country currently receive excellent medical care, however it is once the soldier has stopped being an ‘inpatient’ that problems can arise. 

Most wounded soldiers are able to return to their homes, but not all families can provide the level of support, supervision and care needed to help someone who has a serious injury. 

Help for Heroes helped open the first ARC in Edinburgh this year. ARC’s help soldiers to make the swiftest possible return to duty, or the smoothest transition to civilian life for seriously wounded or long term sick soldiers. As well as offering a comfortable room and medical support, ARC’s will provide counseling and career management. 

Released on DVD on November 23rd 2009 - Heroes: The Greatest War Movies will contain clips from the greatest and most popular war movies as voted by the UK public. All profits from the DVD (at least £7 - RRP £9.99) will go to the charity Help For Heroes http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/ who support wounded war veterans.

Members of the public can vote for their favourite war movie by going to the following website http://www.heroesdvd.co.uk/- It would be really fantastic and very much appreciated if you could add this link to your website.

http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/, http://www.heroesdvd.co.uk/