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HEROmation’s The Wrong Rock from British Filmmaker Michael Cawood wins Best Animated Short at the Burbank Film Festival

10 September 2019

British Director Michael Cawood is now a two-time winner of the Burbank International Film Festival in the Animated Short Category

The Wrong Rock is a tale of equality told through the adventure of a mushroom. Artists from all over the world volunteered to spread the message that despite our differences, we’re all living on the same rock.

Martin was born on the wrong rock. Martin is a mushroom and he overcomes enormous challenges to travel to a far away rock where he hopes to be accepted.

This is a fantastic tale of the pure of heart overcoming bigotry. Anyone who's experienced, sexism, racism, ageism, political or religious persecution will relate to this story. A character who's passion is unlike the people who he grew up around, discovers a place he can be himself, but faces enormous obstacles to get there. Along the way he exposes the futility of the other character's bigotry and bias and puts it all in perspective so that they can finally deal with the bigger issues in life.



The film takes place over a series of days shown in, what looks like, time lapse photography, accelerating and slowing as needed to showcase Martin's adventure. The characters of the story are the animated toadstools and they will show their age by growing over time. Time speed changes will also be reflected in the environment, e.g. surfaces will get rougher with age, grass will sway quicker, the sea with swell, night an day will pass, clouds will move across the sky, etc...



Utilising the Artella Virtual Studio Platform, Director Michael Cawood worked with global teammates from countries including Australia, Austria, Canada, Iran, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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