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Home Movies: An Easy Way to Have Fun With the Family

24 April 2015
When Saturday night arrives, are you and your family huddled on the couch watching your favorite movie and passing the popcorn? Do you talk about the plot or come up with your own ways to make the costumes better? If this sounds like your family, consider taking your love of movies to the next level by making your own home movies. With the advent of technology, you can easily create home movies, and it is a great way to give a new meaning to family night. Draw It Out Brainstorming is a key component to the movie making process. Ask your family to answer the following questions:
  • What do you want your movie to be about?
  • Who are the actors?
  • Where will it be filmed?
Then, create a storyboard to put these elements together. Visualizing the specifics will help to get your creative juices going and prepare you when filming begins. For some inspiration, consider the storyboards of 15 famous films, ranging from "Psycho" to "Spiderman." These sample boards are more intricate, but they may help you and your family nail the storyboard concept. Devise the Plot Once you visualize the big picture of your movie, it becomes easier to write the story. Decide on the opening and closing scenes prior to making your movie. Think about movies that reel you in with the first scene, such as "Jaws," and keep you wondering how the plot will unfold. Then, decide on other plot tips that help you develop the framework of your story — specifically choose what the conflict is and how it affects the climax and resolution. Make Costumes and Props Costumes and props are what make your movie stand out. Some great examples of this are "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars." Dig up old Halloween costumes for your home movie or visit the local thrift store to purchase props at a discount. Makeup and face paint can also work well to get into character. Know Your Equipment You don't need expensive equipment to film your movie. Instead of buying or renting a professional camera, take advantage of the 16-megapixel camera built into your Samsung Galaxy S 6. This phone's lens has been upgraded to f/1.9, and it provides optical image stabilization to smooth out any shaky shots, auto-HDR to improve your backgrounds and an automatic white balance. Scout Out Your Location Scope out a local park, your backyard or another location to decide on your ideal place for filming. If your movie is more suitable indoors, find places in your house that works for your set. With the right props, some set design and costumes, you can transform your house into the ideal film location. Start Filming When filming, be sure to capture extra scenes and multiple takes of each shot. Not only does this prolong the fun, but it also gives you a variety of choices when editing. You also may want to shoot your film over several days so you can take breaks and prevent younger children from getting bored. Edit Your Scenes Editing your movie doesn't have to be cumbersome or all on you. Use editing software like PowerDirector to input transitions, text overlays, titles and special effects that can transform your scenes. Also, if you prefer using Apple products, use iMovie to film, edit and post your home video. Enjoy Your Movie Now that all the work is done, you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Gather your family on the sofa and see how the movie looks on the big screen. Savor the laughs and great bonding moments as you watch the movie together.

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