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Homeland Truths Pop-Up Polygraph Roots Out London

20 September 2013

Liars all over London were revealed Thursday when a Pop-up Lie Detector opened for one day only, inspired by the hit US drama Homeland.

Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow, TOWIE star James Argent and BBC 6 Music DJ Shaun Keaveny were among the first participants of ‘Homeland Security’ which opened its doors on 11 Whitcomb St, near Trafalgar Square for one day only.

The pop-up polygraph recreated the CIA interrogation rooms featured in Homeland Season 2, ahead of its release on Blu-ray and DVD on 23rd September, with each participant receiving a copy of the DVD.  The pop-up lie detector test was operated by professional examiner Richard Martinez from Expedite Detective Agency, with intimidating former police and military interrogators leading the tests, creating the most authentic conditions.

Sally Bercow, the first participant in the morning, said “I was very self conscious and quite stressful as I was aware of being hooked up to the equipment and being monitored.  The strangest question I was asked was ‘Does my husband wear the speaker’s robe at home’ and according to the examiner there was some hesitation in my answer!  I think the biggest liars today will be journalists and politicians.”

I passed the test so now I deserve to go home and watch Season 2 of Homeland on DVD!”

The lie detector occupied a large shop front, with a two-way mirror effect and speakers broadcasting the interrogations to those watching from the street.  Each exam took fifteen minutes and was a combination of pre-selected questions along with those tailored around each participant.

The event was organised to coincide with the release of Homeland Season 2 on Blu-ray and DVD, starring Damian Lewis and Claire Danes.  The lie detector features prominently in the nail-biting thriller, with Lewis’ character Brody among those managing to manipulate it with shocking consequences.

Over the course of the day people from different professions notorious for their creativity with the truth took the test, such as lawyers, estate agents, politicians and reality TV stars.  The results indicated that of all the professions, journalists displayed the most liberty with the truth.

A spokesperson from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, organisers of the unique event, said: “Homeland totally grips viewers with its addictive search for the truth, based around the character of former US Marine Sergeant Agent Brody, whose relentlessly ambiguous character kept audiences guessing throughout Season 2.

The Pop-up Lie Detector brought this theme to life and it was great to see so many people from all walks of life and professions putting themselves in Brody’s shoes!”




Homeland Season 2 is released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 23rd by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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